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New on STN

November 2015

Derwent Markush Resource now available on the new STN platform!

September 2015

New Version of Emtree Introduces over 800 New Terms to Embase on Classic STN and New STN

August 2015

DWPI: Manual Code Revision 2016 – Submit your Suggestions

STN User Meetings

Erfurt, 01.12.2015
Essen, 26.04.2016
Frankfurt, 11.05.2016


As a platform-independent application, this web service offers browser access to STN's complete portfolio of more than 180 scientific and technical databases - anywhere, anytime. STN on the Web combines the widely respected and powerful STN command language functionalities with advanced web technology. Along with the full set of STN commands as well as chemical structure and sequence searching, STN on the Web offers features such as hyperlinks, images integrated in texts, and context- sensitive help.

Additionally, STN on the Web offers seamless access to electronic and print full-text resources. Also integrated into STN on the Web - and only a click away - is the wealth of STN's user documentation.

Main Features of STN on the Web:

  • Web-browser access to STN
  • Full functionality for information professionals
    - All STN databases
    - Full STN command functionality
    - Command file upload capability
    - Complete session history available during session and as a transcript (HTML, RTF or PDF)
    - Option to postprocess RTF-transcripts with STN Express with Discover! - Version 8.4 or higher for Windows
  • Menu interaction via Assistants
    - Search
    - Results
    - Transcript
    - Patent Search
    - Sequence Search
    - Alerts
  • Chemical structure searching
  • Full-text solution
  • Hyperlinks
    - Internal (related documents etc.)
    - External (Internet sources etc.)
    - Citing References
    - Help
    - Documentation
  • Integrated text and images
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Secure session feature (https)
  • Convenient access to STN documentation