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The quality of information is a key factor in procuring knowledge

27. November 2008

“Information business has to address the issue of information quality.”

With growing amounts of data, precision and recall of search results become key factors in procuring knowledge / quality assurance required over the entire process of generating information / FIZ Karlsruhe addresses the issue of data quality in the information business

Karlsruhe/ London, November 2008 – “A good scientific information service requires a quality-controlled production process over the whole information life cycle“, Sabine Brünger-Weilandt describes a problem which gains high importance with the increasing amount of electronically available research information. According to FIZ Karlsruhe’s President and CEO, the quality of data has a significant influence on the search results obtained from an information system. Information services used for important business decisions have to be reliable – as regards content, retrieval methods, and electronic post-processing.

Brünger-Weilandt  thinks that the public has to be made aware of how important the quality of information is. In times when the internet suggests that any information can be made available by just a few mouse clicks, the quality of information and information skills should be discussed in public. “Information is developing from a static product which for centuries could be transported on paper into an asset which can be dynamically modified. Its storage, availability and presentation very much depends on the quality of the data and the software,“ says the manager. According to her, the quality of the methods used to access the databases is decisive for whether or not all relevant information is found and displayed and whether a repeated search will yield the same answers. High precision will guarantee that users do not have to spend hours working through irrelevant answers. Mrs. Brünger-Weilandt is convinced that “with growing amounts of data, precision and recall of search results become key factors in procuring knowledge“. She wants the information business to address the topic of information quality in order to make the public aware of it.  

The value-added information services of FIZ Karlsruhe will be presented at the Online Information in London (Dec 2-4, 2008, Olympia fairgrounds) at stand no. 512, Grand Hall.

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