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December 2019

CAplus (SM) Now Provides Non-Conventional Patent Families for Chinese Dual Filings

November 2019

PatentPak(R) now available in USPATFULL/USPAT2 on STNext(R)

November 2019


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News Messages 2012

CAS Expands Global Patent Coverage - The Eurasian Patent Organization Becomes 63rd Authority on CA/CAplus 17. April 2012

CAS is enhancing its extensive patent authority coverage in CA/CAplus by adding the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO). EAPO (country code EA) is headquartered in Moscow and the 63rd authority covered by CAS.

DWPI database (files WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX) enhanced with Numerical Property Search facility 13. April 2012

The Numerical Property Search facility in the Derwent World Patent Index (files WPINDEX, WPIDS and WPIX) on STN enables numerical searches to be performed for a specific set of physical property data having been identified within the English text fields.

NAPRALERT Updated with More Natural Products Information 30. March 2012

Get more information on natural products from the NAPRALERT (NAtural PRoducts ALERT) database on STN with the recent addition of content indexed between 2006 and 2011. NAPRALERT is also now part of the STN Fixed Fee Program.

STN adds Chinese patent full text file - CNFULL 19. March 2012

As of March 17, 2012, CNFULL adds the full-text of Chinese patent applications and patent specifications from 1985 onwards to STN. The Chinese Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China has been the top authority concerning the number of patent applications. In recent years,...

ePub Ahead of Print Records Now Available in MEDLINE on STN 19. March 2012

Get the Content You Need Sooner with ePub Ahead of Print Records Available in MEDLINE on STN!

The 1MOBILITY and 2MOBILITY databases were reloaded on March 18, 2012 19. March 2012

The 1MOBILITY and 2MOBILITY databases were reloaded on March 18, 2012. More details on the enhancements and changes are available in HELP RLOAD.

MARPAT Database Enhanced with Additional Markush Backfile Content for STN 12. March 2012

CAS is enhancing the MARPAT database with additional backfile coverage from 1987 beginning with English- and German-language patents in March. Markush content for Japanese- and additional German-language patents from 1987 will be added throughout 2012.

RTECS Database on STN Enhanced with Aquatic and In Vitro Exposure Toxicity Data 12. March 2012

Aquatic and in vitro exposure toxicity data is now available in RTECS (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances) database. The new toxicity data is searchable in the Basic Index. It is also possible to search more specifically by Effect (EFF), Route (RTE), Organism (ORGN) and Duration (DUR).

REACH List of Registered Substances Now in CHEMLIST on STN 29. February 2012

Find more chemical regulation information with the addition of the REACH List of Registered Substances in CHEMLIST on STN. REACH is the European Union (EU) regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). ECHA...

PCTFULL documents with non-Latin filing language enhanced with English machine translations 10. February 2012

PCTFULL documents with a non-Latin filing language, i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian, were enhanced with descriptions and claims in English machine translation for search and display. The text in original language is displayable.