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December 2019

CAplus (SM) Now Provides Non-Conventional Patent Families for Chinese Dual Filings

November 2019

PatentPak(R) now available in USPATFULL/USPAT2 on STNext(R)

November 2019


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News Messages 2012

More Frequent Updates to the Emtree Thesaurus in Embase on STN Provide Earlier Access to the Latest Drug and Medical Terminology 05. July 2012

The Emtree thesaurus in Embase on STN will now be updated three times a year. More frequent updates will provide you with access to current drug and medical terminology for your searching.Additionally, the thesaurus is now current with updates from 2012.Key enhancements in the latest updates...

Keep Current with Weekly SDI Packages Now Available on STN 11. June 2012

A new weekly SDI package on STN increases the timeliness of your current awareness and makes it easier to meet government reporting requirements for pharmacovigilance.

INPADOCDB: legal status in original language available 31. May 2012

INPADOC comprises the largest legal status collection worldwide, offering selected legal status data in English for currently 61 patent authorities. The new legal status display format LSO (legal status original) in INPADOCDB provides the legal status code titles in the original German, French,...

INPADOC Databases – Enhanced coverage of US citation data 30. May 2012

The coverage of US citation data has been extended to include examiner citations for US published applications (US A1 documents). This is a considerable advantage because citations of US documents are now available much earlier and more comprehensive than before. Previously, citations were only...

INPADOC Databases – Update on Japanese Legal Status Information 30. May 2012

The INPADOC legal status collection has been significantly enhanced with the addition of Japanese legal status data for Japanese patents and utility models. These data are currently available from June 2010 onwards and backfile data are continuously been loaded back to 2003. INPADOC comprises about...

Get the Latest Version of STN Express, Version 8.5.1! 24. May 2012

A new version of STN Express, Version 8.5.1, is now available. This maintenance release provides software updates and completes the integration of new full-text databases AUPATFULL, CANPATFULL and CNFULL on STN.

Reload of FSTA Database 22. May 2012

The Food Science and Technology Abstracts database (FSTA) was reloaded on May 19, 2012 with some changes and enhancements.

Search DOIs in CA/CAplus on STN 21. May 2012

Now you can search and display Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for approximately 12 million records in the CA/CAplus family of databases, including 75 percent of journal articles that have already entered CAplus in 2012. DOIs provide a permanent and unique identifier for retrieving full-text...

Removal of BABS, GMELIN97 and INIS from STN 09. May 2012

Please note that on May 19, 2012, INIS, BABS and GMELIN97 databases will be removed from STN. BABS and GMELIN97 are removed from STN at the request of the database producer, Elsevier Information Systems.

RSS Delivery for STN Alerts (SDIs) is Now Available on STN 24. April 2012

STN alerts (SDIs) can now be delivered by RSS feeds. New RSS alert delivery on STN: