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October 2019

Third 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R)

October 2019

New CAS FORMULATIONS TM Database Launched on STNext

April 2019

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC

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News Messages 2012

Predict when CAS REGISTRY Hits 70 Million 11. September 2012

By the end of 2012, CAS expects to register the 70 millionth organic or inorganic substance. Predict the date and time when CAS REGISTRY hits 70 million organic and inorganic substances for a chance to win an Apple iPad, Kindle Fire or Nook (based on entry date). To enter or for Contest Rules,...

Get More Current Reaction Information with Daily Updates to CASREACT 11. September 2012

Improve your search experience and receive more timely information for single- and multi-step reactions and synthetic preparations with daily updates to CASREACT.

11 Databases with NPS 05. September 2012

STN’s unique numeric property search feature (NPS) that allows for searching the numeric values of >30 physical and chemical properties is now available for 11 databases on STN, including Derwent WPI, and many patent full-text files.Searchable properties and their respective base units comprise...

INPADOC: German Patent Coverage Resumed 03. August 2012

The European Patent Office provided the missing bibliographic data from Germany, which were loaded into INPADOC. Today the latest publication date for DE-publications in INPADOC is 20120802.

Reload of ReaxysFile on STN - Significantly More Content Added 01. August 2012

ReaxysFile on STN has been reloaded and information on more than 8 million substances has been added including inorganic substances and substances deriving from patents. The database now has information on 90% more substances than the previous version of ReaxysFile on STN and the same content as...

More Experimental Property Data in CAS REGISTRY 31. July 2012

The CAS REGISTRY now contains more experimental property data with the addition of more than 120,000 Wiley mass spectra and NMR spectra.

Launch of new PQSciTech database, created from 25 individual CSA databases, allows more efficient searching on STN 30. July 2012

As of July 28, 2012 content of the CSA databases has become available in the new multidisciplinary PQSciTech (ProQuest Science and Technology) database on STN.

ENCOMPPAT/2 databases are reloaded on July 28, 2012 30. July 2012

More details on the enhancements and changes are available in the databases in HELP RLOAD.

Upcoming reload of AEROSPACE - effect on SDIs, manual profiles and saved answers 18. July 2012

AEROSPACE will be reloaded with enhancements on July 28, 2012. Key customer impacts are as follows: The monthly SDI for July will use the reloaded version of the database.Manual profiles should run on or before July 27, 2012 if not already done so after the last update end of June, as historical...

INPADOCDB: enhanced display options 16. July 2012

INPADOCDB has been enhanced with new display options, including the new predefined formats PI.PDF and BRIEF.The format PI.PDF provides hyperlinks to the original documents (PDF) in ESPACENET for all members of the national family. This format can nicely be combined with the new BRIEF format which...