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February 2020

New legal event data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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News Messages 2011

GEOREF and ENCOMPLIT/2 are reloaded 26. September 2011

GEOREF and ENCOMPLIT/2 databases are reloaded on September 24, 2011. More details on the enhancements and changes are available in the databases in HELP RLOAD.

STN adds Canadian patent full text file - CANPATFULL 26. September 2011

As of September 24, 2011, CANPATFULL adds the full-text of Canadian patent applications and patent specifications from 1920 onwards to STN. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is within the top ten authorities concerning the number of patent applications over the past two decades. In recent...

USAN Database Updates Offer Superior Currency on STN 09. September 2011

STN now provides the most up-to-date USAN database information, now with coverage from 1953-2011. This additional information provides STN users with the most complete USP Dictionary of U.S. Adopted Names and International Drug Names recognized throughout the pharmaceutical and health care...

Older Versions of STN Express to be Discontinued Beginning in March 2012 01. September 2011

To ensure an improved, more consistent user experience with newer features and maximized security for all STN sessions, we plan to discontinue support and access to older versions of STN Express beginning in March 2012. Please note that you can upgrade for free at any time to the current version of...

CAS Journal Coverage Now Includes Ahead-of-Print Articles for More Than 100 Journal Titles 01. September 2011

In ongoing efforts to provide the most current chemistry and related scientific information available, CAS journal coverage now includes ahead-of-print (AOP) articles published by:

Upgrade now to STN Express, Version 8.5 23. August 2011

Take advantage of enhanced functionality and content now available in STN Express, Version 8.5.

INPADOC: Coverage of German Patent Data resumed, enhanced legal status 16. August 2011

The coverage of German bibliographic and legal status data has been resumed in the INPADOC files INPADOCDB/INPAFAMDB. The coverage gap from week 25/2011 has been closed and current DE data will be provided close to the time of publication. Some delays for legal status information are still possible.

STN adds Australian patent full text file – AUPATFULL – including the new numeric search feature 25. July 2011

AUPATFULL is a new patent full text file on STN as of July 24, 2011. It provides the full text of patent applications and patent specifications published by the Australian Patent Office from 1964 onwards for the complete STN feature set including the new numeric search feature. The Australian...

STN on the Web Enhanced with New Patent Family Assistant and Updated Structure Plug-In 29. June 2011

On June 18, 2011, STN on the Web was updated to include a new Patent Family Assistant and an updated Structure Plug-in.

MARPAT Enhancements Save Time and Increase Usability 29. June 2011

Save time in post-search answer review with enhanced query-focused displays in MARPAT. The QHIT and FQHIT display formats have been enhanced to provide more recognizable results by assembling the query-focused fragments. The assembled answers increase understanding for users, while making it easier...