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February 2020

New legal event data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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News Messages 2010

CAS Registry Number Crossover Limits Increased to 500,000 in Key STN Databases 06. April 2010

Increase your STN search power by taking advantage of the expandedcrossover limits for CAS Registry Numbers. Now you can crossover upto 500,000 CAS Registry Numbers at one time from CAS REGISTRY to sixkey STN databases instead of the previous limit of 300,000. The newlimit applies to the following...

PATDPAFULL has been enhanced with front page images 22. March 2010

The German full-text database PATDPAFULL has been enhanced with images of the first page for published applications, granted patents and utility models.

DWPI: US National Patent Classification thesaurus added 22. March 2010

US National Patent Classifications are being added to the DWPI database (files WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX) for some time already. Now a thesaurus is being made available to make navigating through the maze of codes easier. For available relationships see HELp RCO.

DWPI: New display format ALLSTR available 17. March 2010

A new display format ALLSTR, allowing display of all the structures of well-defined chemical compounds pertaining to a particular bibliographic document regardless of whether they have been searched for before or not, has been implemented in DWPI (files WPINDEX/WPIDS/ WPIX). Additional text data...

PATDPAFULL: Application and priority number formats enhanced 24. February 2010

In the German patent full-text database PATDPAFULL the standardization of application and priority numbers has been greatly enhanced, almost all numbers follow the STN standard formats. As a result, duplicate removal and crossfile searching with other patent files on STN is more reliable. Also,...

STN Express Maintenance Release, Version 8.4.2, Is Now Available for Download 17. February 2010

A new version of STN Express, Version 8.4.2, is available for download. This is a maintenance release created to fix several software issues reported since the launch of STN Express, Version 8.4, and to ensure compatibility with Windows 7. Please visit the STN Software License and Download web site...

INPADOCDB / INPAFAMDB: Enhancements in Jan/Feb 2010 03. February 2010

The INPADOC files have been enhanced in Jan/Feb 2010.

USGENE and PCTGEN: new FASTA display formats added 01. February 2010

The new sequence display formats FASTA and FASTA2 have been added to the sequence databases USGENE and PCTGEN. These FASTA display formats are widely accepted by 3rd party sequence analysis tools, so that sequence search results from USGENE and PCTGEN can directly be used for further analysis.

INSPEC adds IPC codes and author's email addresses 01. February 2010

As of January 2010 INSPEC (Information Service for Physics, Electronics and Computing), produced by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), is mapping its own indexing schemes to the WIPO IPC scheme to assign IPC codes to relevant records. Initial trials indicate that about 75% of...

Annual Reload of MEDLINE database 27. January 2010

The Medline database has been reloaded on STN.