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November 2019

PatentPak(R) now available in USPATFULL/USPAT2 on STNext(R)

November 2019


November 2019

German Patent Full-Text Database DEFULL enhanced

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News Messages 2008

CAS definition of basic patents expanded to ensure comprehensive access to substance and sequence information 28. August 2008

Beginning July 1, 2008, both the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application and its original national equivalent(s) with oldest priority from the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, and/or the EPO, are being covered as basic patents in CA/CAplus.

CA/CAplus, CASREACT, and IFI and USPAT databases enhanced for more flexible patent number searching 27. August 2008

United States (US) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WO) patent number searching has been enhanced in the following databases:

CAplus currency for Korean patents enhanced 18. August 2008

CAplus currency has been enhanced for patents from the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Bibliographic information and abstracts are now available 14 days from the date of publication or date of availability. When the publication date on the patent document is significantly earlier than...

CAOLD to be discontinued on December 31, 2008 18. August 2008

CAOLD (and HCAOLD) will be discontinued and removed from associated database clusters.

CA/CAplus enhanced with printed Chemical Abstracts page images from 1967-1998 14. August 2008

Page images from the 1967-1998 issues of printed Chemical Abstracts (CA) have been added to the corresponding records in CA/CAplus. With this enhancement, CA page images are now available for all CA/CAplus records from 1907-1998. To view CA page images in CA/CAplus, include PAGE in your display...

STN Viewer performance improved 29. July 2008

STN Viewer performance has been improved. Documents now load much faster to the Patent Queue and overall responsiveness is improved, particularly when you sort and filter documents in the Patent Queue and Projects.

IFICDB, IFIPAT, and IFIUDB reloaded with enhancements 29. July 2008

IFI Comprehensive Database (IFICDB), IFI Patent Database (IFIPAT), and IFI Uniterm Database (IFIUDB) have been reloaded with enhancements, including:

CA/CAplus patent coverage enhanced 29. July 2008

The following patent coverage enhancements have been implemented in CA/CAplus:

All patent publication events including grants are now covered in the INPADOC Legal Status for all authorities 28. July 2008

In the INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB files, all patent publication events are now covered for all 81 authorities in the legal status display.This makes it easier to get the complete picture of granted patents or other publication events.

EPFULL enhanced with additional legal status information from the epoline(R) Register 28. July 2008

European Patents Full Text (EPFULL) has been enhanced with legal status information from the daily updated epoline(R) Register of the European Patent Office (EPO). The information is supplemental to existing legal status information published in the European Patent Bulletin (EP Bulletin) and...