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News Messages 2007

CASREACT coverage extended 20. March 2007

Over 270,000 additional reactions from over 17,000 documents from 1992-1999 have been added to CASREACT.

Reloaded LWPI 17. March 2007

The reloaded World Patent Index database learn file has now been released matching the bibliographic part of the recently released reloaded and enhanced WPIX file.

WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX: New display format FRAGHITSTR 10. March 2007

A new display format is available now in files WPINDEX, WPIDS and WPIX allowing for rapid browsing of chemical fragment code search results.

IFICDB/IFIPAT/IFIUDB reloaded with enhancements 28. February 2007

The IFI Comprehensive (IFICDB), Patent (IFIPAT), and Uniterm (IFIUDB) databases have been reloaded with a number of enhancements. Several of the enhancements are related to International Patent Classification (IPC) Reform implementation in these databases.

TOXCENTER enhanced with reloaded MEDLINE 26. February 2007

The MEDlars onLINE (MEDLINE) segment of Toxicology Center (TOXCENTER) has been reloaded with a number of enhancements.

EMBASE enhanced with Clinical Trial Number 22. February 2007

Excerpta Medica (EMBASE) has been enhanced with the Clinical Trial Number (NCT) field. The new field is searchable, displayable, printable, selectable, and sortable. The File Segment (FS) field now includes the source of the clinical trial number.

MEDLINE reloaded with enhancements 20. February 2007

MEDlars onLINE (MEDLINE/LMEDLINE) from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) has been reloaded with a number of enhancements.

CASREACT coverage to be extended 17. February 2007

Starting February 11, 2007, over 220,000 additional reactions will be added to CASREACT. The reactions are derived from over 24,000 documents from 1992-1999.

New IPC8 search, display, select fields and IPC thesaurus added to KOREAPAT 15. February 2007

We have updated KOREAPAT with IPC8 data for the update month 2006/03. Updates from months 2006/04 onwards will be completed in the next weeks and SDI runs will be processed. For details of the IPC related file enhancements, including the additional IPC thesaurus, see HELP CHANGE when in file...

France leaves the EDTE - effects for energy-related searches on French customers 10. February 2007

The International Energy Agency has informed us that France has retreated from the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) and requested to close access to the ENERGY database from France. As of March 1, 2007, customers from France are no longer authorised to file ENERGY.