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October 2019

New CAS FORMULATIONS TM Database Launched on STNext

April 2019

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC

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News Messages 2006

CAS REGISTRY(SM) no longer includes Concord 3D coordinates 20. September 2006

Concord 3D coordinates have been removed from REGISTRY.

CA/CAplus display of CA Lexicon enhanced 17. September 2006

The display of indexing terms for general subject terms in the CA Lexicon has been enhanced in CA/CAplus. All OLD terms are now displayed together at the beginning of the +ALL/CT display.

CA/CAplus fields enhanced with simultaneous left & right truncation 13. September 2006

Simultaneous left and right truncation is now available in the individual fields that comprise the Basic Index (BI) including Abstract (AB), Title (TI), Index Term (IT), and Supplementary Term (ST) fields.

CEABA-VTB: new classification scheme 10. September 2006

DECHEMA, the producer of CEABA-VTB is using a new classification scheme. The reloaded fields classification code in English (/CC) and classification code in German (/CCDE) are available as of September 25, 2006. The new classification schemes are available as a PDF file and may be downloaded...

CA/CAplus enhanced with more pre-1907 records 07. September 2006

On September 10, 2006, nearly 8,700 U.S. patent records from 1890-1899 were added to Volume 0 of the CA/CAplus family of databases. In addition, over 2,600 records from the 1878 - 1906 issues of the Journal of the Chemical Society - Transactions were added.

CA/CAplus Austrian patent law changes 02. September 2006

In July 2005, Austrian patent law changed. All laid open patent applications are now published 18 months after the filing date. The Austrian Patent Office has also adopted a post-grant opposition system.

ADISCTI Reloaded and Enhanced 22. August 2006

Adis Clinical Trials Insight, produced by Wolters Kluwer Health and available on STN as ADISCTI, has been reloaded and enhanced. ADISCTI now includes integrated information about clinical trials, tracked from the first public mention, including interim results, through to completion of the trial....

INSPEC now covers more than 100 years of information 07. August 2006

The INSPEC Archive provides fully searchable electronic access to over 70 years of international scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computing and control engineering.

FSTA Food Science and Technology Abstracts now covers Jap. patents 28. July 2006

In recognition of the increasing importance of patent information to the food science community, the producer of FSTA, International Food Information Service (IFIS), now includes Japanese Patent documents (applications, granted patents and utility models) within FSTA.

CHEMSAFE has been reloaded 16. July 2006

File CHEMSAFE has been reloaded. It contains now recommended safety characteristics of 2800 pure components and 500 mixtures (flammable liquids, gases and dusts). Especially important for practical purposes are the more than 100 characteristics measured at non-atmospheric conditions.