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January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

December 2019

New Korean Patent Full-Text Database KRFULL released

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Munich, 20.05.2020

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News Messages 2006

CA/CAplus F-Term thesaurus enhanced 06. November 2006

The F-Term thesaurus in CA/CAplus has been enhanced with multilevel Narrower Terms (NT) in the search and display hierarchy.

CHEMLIST enhanced with new search and display field 29. October 2006

Restricted Chemical List (RSTR) search and display field is now available in CHEMLIST. The RSTR field identifies chemical substances that have legislative import, manufacture, and/or use restrictions in: Israel, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Pakistan, and China. Restricted chemical...

New IPC8 search, display, select fields and IPC Thesaurus added to JAPIO 28. October 2006

We have updated JAPIO with IPC8 data for the update month 2006/05. Updates from months 2006/06 onwards will be completed in the next weeks and SDI runs will be processed.

CAS Registry Number®, crossover limit increased to 300,000 in multiple databases 27. October 2006

The crossover limit for CAS Registry Numbers® has increased in 13 databases on STN®.

Option to turn off MARPAT. highlighting enhancements available 26. October 2006

Enhanced structure highlighting in the FQHIT and QHIT display formats in MARPAT can now be turned off with the SET command.

E-mail format enhanced 25. October 2006

The PRINT command in STN® can be used to send prints (copies) of answers electronically to a specified STNmail ID or e-mail address. The format for e-mail generated with the PRINT command now includes the following additional information:

LOGOFF HOLD duration extended to 120 minutes 24. October 2006

The time limit set for the LOGOFF HOLD command in STN(R) has been extended from 60 to 120 minutes. If a new LOGON occurs within 120 minutes, the session will continue from the point of LOGOFF HOLD.

Reloaded and Enhanced Derwent World Patents Index has been released on October 22, 2006 23. October 2006

A complete reload of the suite of Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI SM) databases (including WPINDEX, WPIDS, and WPIX) has been released on October 22, 2006. The reload offers many new and enhanced features, including additional value-added and first-level data, a new record structure, and all of...

WTEXTILES adds Medical Data 29. September 2006

WTEXTILES (World Textiles), produced by Elsevier Science B.V., has been significantly enhanced with new coverage on the use of textiles in medical field. The added records (over 9800 from 2003 to the present) relate to subjects such as protective materials, dressings, medical equipment, extiles...

CAS REGISTRY(SM) updated with amino acid codes for pyrrolysine 25. September 2006

Pyrrolysine was identified in 2002 as the 22nd genetically encoded amino acid and was recently assigned the amino acid codes "O" and "PYL". REGISTRY has been updated to include these new codes for pyrrolysine.