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September 2017

Taiwanese Chemical Substance Inventory Now Included in CHEMLIST

August 2017

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News Messages 2006

CAS REGISTRY chemical nomenclature enhanced 30. December 2006

Chemical nomenclature in REGISTRY has been enhanced with more logical and consistent CA Index Names. This enhancement represents the most significant modification to chemical nomenclature in REGISTRY since the introduction of the 9th Collective Index (9CI) nomenclature in 1972.

New IPC8 search, display, select fields and IPC Thesaurus added to GBFULL and FRFULL 23. December 2006

We have updated GBFULL and FRFULL with IPC8 data.

WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX: New DWPI Manual Codes 16. December 2006

Don't forget to include the new DWPI SM Manual Codes in your 2007 searches and alerts!

CAS REGISTRY updated with new ambiguity codes 07. December 2006

Current protein sequencing techniques may not distinguish between certain similar amino acid pairs. Due to this problem, the presence of one or the other amino acid is often indicated with a 1- or 3-letter ambiguity code. The amino acids isoleucine and leucine were recently assigned the ambiguity...

A new version of FIZ AutoDoc - FIZ Karlsruhe's broker service for document delivery - will be available as of November 27, 2006 25. November 2006

A new version of FIZ AutoDoc - FIZ Karlsruhe's broker service for document delivery - will be available as of November 27, 2006, about 9 a.m. (CET).

New IPC Version 2007.01 23. November 2006

The next version of the Reformed IPC will enter into force on January 1, 2007.

CA/CAplus to MARPAT accession number crossover limit increased to 50,000 20. November 2006

The CA/CAplus to MARPAT accession number (AN) crossover limit has increased from 10,000 to 50,000.

CAS Registry Number crossover limit increased to 300,000 in additional databases 18. November 2006

The crossover limit for CAS Registry Numbers (RN) has increased in 17 additional databases on STN.

CA/CAplus pre-1967 chemical substance index entries enhanced with preparation role 15. November 2006

Beginning November 13, 2006, the CAS preparation role (PREP) will be added to nearly 4 million CAS Registry Number index entries in CA/CAplus records from 1907-1966. Simplified retrieval of preparations will be possible from the beginning of CA indexing in 1907 to the present.

STN Express with Discover! free maintenance release Version 8.01c now available 10. November 2006

A free maintenance release (Version 8.01c for Windows) is now available for STN Express with Discover! This release is available to current users of STN Express with Discover!, Version 8.0 or higher for Windows.







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