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Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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Embase(TM) Updated to Include Author Identifiers and Links to Retractions and Errata

26. July 2017

Embase now includes two new fields: AUID and OS. The AUID field in Embase includes ORCID author identifiers. ORCID identifiers provide a means to unambiguously identify a particular author, even authors who have published under different names. The ORCID IDs are hyperlinked to help you determine which author is associated with the AUID. Author identifiers in the AUID field are searchable, and records which include the AUID field can be found using AUID/FA. As the volume of records with ORCID identifiers grows, this provides searchers with the opportunity to expand the comprehensiveness of their author searches, in a number of databases on STN, including Embase, MEDLINE® and Dissertation Abstracts.

Embase records now include links to errata and retractions in the OS field when appropriate. With this new data, it will be possible for you to learn about retractions and corrections to the published literature which may impact your research. Embase records which include the OS field can be found searching OS/FA. The hyperlink in the OS field will take you to the related Embase record reporting the retraction or correction for the record at hand.

There are a number of ways to find retracted publications in Embase.  Some records include the phrase “Retraction to” or “Retraction of” as part of their title. Others include the phrase “retraction notice” as part of the Source (SO) field. Still others include “Retracted Publication” in the Document Type (DT) field.  For comprehensive retrieval, search all of the above variations. At present, Embase has identified about 1,500 retracted publications. Most are from recent years.

The volume of errata reported in Embase is much higher, over 150,000. Search “Erratum” in the DT field, but also consider that term in the TI field. Note that articles-in-press records which report errata generally do not include the Erratum document type; this is typically added later when the article-in-press record is intellectually indexed.

Both the AUID and OS fields are now part of BIB , ALL and similar display formats in Embase.

The Database Summary Sheet for Embase has been updated to include the new information on the AUID and OS fields. Retractions and Errata