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March 2020

STN Database Updates continue as usual

March 2020

European Patent Office warns about possible delays in data delivery due to the Corona Crisis

March 2020

First 2020 Update to Emtree Now Available on STN(R)

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Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search Functionality, Workflow and Efficiency

21. December 2015

CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe continue to enhance new STN with content and capabilities that enable searchers to increasingly turn to the new platform for their IP search needs. The December 2015 release of new STN includes:

  • Additional chemical structure drawing features:
    • The ability to draw and search chemical structures with up to 20 R-groups, each with up to 20 substituents
    • Embedded R-groups
    • The ability to use a free-standing R-group as the 'parent' for multiple fragments
    • Re-introduction of the Attribute panel in the non-Java structure editor
  • Selection of content categories enables single-click selection of related databases
  • Three new thesauri, for a total of 14 thesauri in the Term Explorer:
    • DWPI Manual Codes
    • INSPEC Controlled Terms
    • NASA Controlled Terms – for new STN searches involving aerospace engineering, natural space sciences (e.g., astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science), Earth sciences, and biological sciences
  • Additional CAplus filters for Patent Assignee and Inventor
  • Single-click cross-file search support for REAXYSFILESub and REAXYSFILEBib
  • Performance updates, that improve search and display speed
  • Export of images from CAplus records as .png files for BizInt Smart Charts version 4.1.3, enabling better integration of new STN answers for post-search reporting and analysis

With the addition of the Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM), new STN is the only unified Markush solution, offering chemical patent searchers unsurpassed coverage and highly efficient access to the rapidly growing number of chemical structures disclosed in patents.

The new features and functionality make new STN a complete chemical patent search solution, integrating generic (MARPAT and DWPIM) and specific (CAS REGISTRY and DCR) chemical structure searching with the premier collections of chemical patent and non-patent literature (CAplus and DWPI).For more information on new STN: