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April 2018

CCI Now Searchable in CAS REGISTRY(SM)

February 2018

Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

February 2018

First Emtree Thesaurus for 2018 Now Available in Embase

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STN adds Chinese patent full text file - CNFULL

19. March 2012

As of March 17, 2012, CNFULL adds the full-text of Chinese patent applications and patent specifications from 1985 onwards to STN. The Chinese Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China has been the top authority concerning the number of patent applications. In recent years, over 500,000 applications were filed annually.

The records of the database contain bibliographic data including patent applicant, inventor, patent number, application, priority, and related (PCT) application data, IPC and EPC classification codes, abstract and the full text of descriptions and claims. Records are available about a week after publication with the complete content. Titles and abstracts are initially machine translated and replaced three months later by human translated text; descriptions and claims are machine translated. Each database record contains all documents published for one application, displayed in order of appearance. Legal status data and family display formats from the INPADOCDB database are available. Online thesauri for the International Patent Classification (/IPC) and European Patent Classification (/EPC) are searchable. The file is updated weekly and comprises over 4.5 million records and more than 3.8 million images. About 10000 documents enter the file each week. Numeric values of over 30 physical and chemical properties (/PHP) in almost 400 unit variants are searchable in all full text fields.


For additional information about this new database, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide (=> s CNFULL/DBN).