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February 2020

New legal event data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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Fulltext Patent Database PCTFULL completely reloaded: New Numeric Property Search available, a unique feature of STN

24. February 2011

The PCTFULL file on STN is completely reloaded as of February 26, 2011, and contains much more content, like names, addresses and full-text in various languages (e.g. English translations of German, French, Spanish or Russian full-texts), plus a new search feature for numeric property search in full-texts. This reload has been implemented in order to offer improved identification of the claims and description chapters in the full-text documents based on a better OCR quality, plus additional database enhancements.

Database content and document updates:
The general document coverage (WOA1 and WOA2) as well as the document key (accession number) is unaltered in comparison to the replaced PCTFULL file. This allows saved answer sets and SDI histories to be retained from the previous file (note that saved answer sets may nonetheless contain the records in a new look and flavor). A new set-up by the database producer now provides regular updates for the PCTFULL records. The Entry Date (/ED) marks the first entry of a document, an additional Entry Date for the full- text (/EDTX) will designate the first entry of a document`s full- text (i.e. description and/or claims). Each update on a document will replace the complete STN record and trigger an Update Date (/UP). On the release date the reloaded file will comprise entry dates from 20101130 to 20110224. See HELP UPDATE for available update codes for manual and automatic current awareness searches.

New numeric property search feature:
A new numeric search capability has been installed which enables a numeric property search within the English text of all documents. The /PHP index contains a complete list of codes and related text for all available properties. Please note that EXPAND is not available for the property fields of the numeric search in full-texts. A search with the respective field codes will be carried out in all fields with English text (English title, abstract, description and claims). A search for a physical property value will not only find hits showing the exact value in the text but will also include hits where the value is part of a given range. In addition, specific related units will be converted to SI base units in order to encompass a wider range of possible hit values (e.g. a search in Square Meter will also find hits if these are given in Square Inches or Square Feet). The PCTFULL Summary Sheet includes search examples for all available properties. Also, please see HELP NUMERIC PROPERTY SEARCH" (=> HELP NPS) for a complete list of properties plus a description of the new numeric search capability in the PCTFULL file.

Improved application and priority number formats:
For the PCTFULL reload file a new standardization procedure for application and priority numbers has been established. This new procedure allows a better standardization of numbers to STN standard in the fields /AP, /PRN and /APPS also leading to a better FSORT and cross-over behavior of PCTFULL application and priority numbers.

New content and fields:
The reloaded PCTFULL file introduces new fields as well as some additional content in established fields in order to mirror the extended availability of information in different languages:

  • Fields for "Other Languages" than the four main languages English, French, Spanish and German have been introduced for the text fields and end with OL" (e.g. TIOL, ABOL etc.). In addition to the language related individual search and display fields (e.g. TIEN, ABFR, DETDDE, CLMOL), all languages given in Roman characters are indexed in the general STN fields /BI (Basic Index), /TI, /AB, /CLM.
  • Text containing national special characters (accents, umlauts, Asian characters etc.) will be available for display in Original Language" individual display fields ending with OR" (e.g. INOR, PAOR, AGOR, TIOR, ABOR, DETDOR, CLMOR) and will also be displayable in the new pre-defined display formats ALLOR and MAXOR.
  • The Original Language" fields may be available for languages with Roman characters (like most European languages) as well as for languages with non-Roman (e.g. Asian or Cyrillic) characters. For all Roman character languages the general fields (e.g. IN, TI, etc.) contain the content according to STN standard without special characters whereas the "Original Language" fields display the content including national special characters when available. For all non-Roman character languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian) the general STN fields will normally contain an English transliteration of names or text (when available) whereas the Original Language" fields show the original national character based names or text. The latter content is only available for display in the respective Original Language" fields and is neither searchable nor selectable.
  • Check the availability of Original Language" fields via the Field Availability index (/FA). For each record the FA display field (included in the free-of-charge pre-defined TRIAL format) designates the available -OR fields. An additional annotation defines the language of the Original Language" field in /FA (e.g. TIOR.ES, ABOR.RU etc.).

Please note that the assignment to the different STN language fields is based on the designation of the language in the input data and according to the database producer. Incorrect definition of the languages in the input may lead to an incorrect assignment to the language specific STN fields. For a comprehensive search using the general fields /BI, /TI, /AB, /CLM etc. is strongly recommended.

Address information now searchable:
Recognizing frequent customer requests we now provide searchable inventor, patent assignee and legal representative addresses in fields /INA, /PAA and /AGA. In addition, the complete information pertaining to one person may be searched in the fields Inventor, Total (IN.T), Patent Assignee, Total (PA.T) and Agent, Total (AG.T).

Main claim added to BRIEF formats:
PCTFULL pre-defined display formats BRIEF, IBRIEF, BRIEFG and IBRIEFG now contain the main claim (MCLM) when available. Thereby these PCTFULL display formats are now in sync with the formats in other full-text databases like EPFULL, FRFULL and GBFULL. Please see adapted cost with => HELP COST in the file.