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DWPI: New coverage - French Granted Patents

02. June 2010

The coverage of France in DWPI has been enhanced in May 2010 with the inclusion of French Granted patents (FR B#) adding to the existing coverage of French Applications in the file. The FR B's will be mainly equivalents within the DWPI patent family. The first records to be processed were those published in January 2010, and these have been included from DWPI Update 201030.

A catch up plan will be implemented over subsequent DWPI updates to bring the timeliness of the coverage into line with the French applications.

French patent publications covered therefore now comprise



Granted patent (until 1969); OPI application (from 1969)


OPI application (first publication)


Application for certificate of addition


Application for certificate of utility


Patent of invention (after (A1) (from Jan 2010)


Certificate of addition (after A2) (from Jan 2010)


Certificate of utility (after A3) (from Jan 2010)


Certificate of addition to utility (after A4) (from Jan 2010)


Certificate of addition (until 1969)


Medicament (addition) (until 1979)

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