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SEMANTiCS 2019 in Karlsruhe


SEMANTiCS is the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI and is held for the first time in Karlsruhe, Germany. One of the organizers is FIZ Karlsruhe whose Vice President Information Service Engineering,  Prof. Sack, is Conference Chair and a member of the conference’s Permanent Advisory Board.

New on STN

May 2019

Second 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R)

April 2019

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC

April 2019

Updates in database World Surface Coatings Abstracts (file WSCA) have resumed

Meet us at

CIPAC - China Intellectual Property Annual Conference of China 2019, 03.-09.Sep, HangZhou
Bund Deutscher Patentanwälte - Herbstseminar, 10.-11.Okt, Dresden
EPOPIC 2019 - EPO Patent Information Conference, 29.-30. Oct, Bukarest

STN User Meetings

Paris, 10.09.2019
Toulouse, 12.09.2019
Lyon, 13.09.2019

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PCTGEN: enhanced with patent family and legal status display data from INPADOCDB

20. November 2009

The predefined patent family display formats FAM and CFAM and also the legal status display formats LS and LS2 of INPADOCDB have been added to the PCTGEN database.

The INPADOC information is useful to identify those sequence records from a PCTGEN sequence search which refer to the same INPADOC family.

CFAM provides a simple table of all publication numbers and dates of the INPADOC family. The FAM format is more detailed and comprises all publication, application and priority numbers and dates in a tabular format.

The display format LS is the standard legal status display format for INPADOCDB, LS2 provides basically the same information with field headers displayed.

Additional fees are charged for displaying FAM, CFAM, LS and LS2 in PCTGEN. For details on pricing, enter HELP COST at an arrow prompt (=>).

Refer to the STN database summary sheet for additional information: