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February 2019

New Display Format IFAM2 in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB with Focus on Legal Status

February 2019

Key Terms support efficient full-text searching and results evaluation in Patent Full-text Databases

February 2019

Reload of patent full-text databases FRFULL and GBFULL with major enhancements

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MARPAT enhanced with FSORT command

28. November 2008

MARPAT has been enhanced with the FSORT command. The FSORT command creates an L-number with patent records grouped by invention and displays statistics describing the location of patent families within the L-number. Answers may be displayed by using the PFAMILY display format as well as standard MARPAT displays.

The FSORT command can also be used on multifile searches, including searches of the CASLINK database cluster.

For the purposes of FSORT, a patent family is defined as follows: two patent records, A and B, are considered to be members of the same family if any patent, application, or priority number from the PN or APPS fields of record A appears in the PN or APPS field of record B.

Enter HELP FSORT and HELP DISPLAY PFAM at an arrow prompt (=>) for further details.  For additional information about MARPAT, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet ( or STNGuide.