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IPC 8 searching in IFIPAT, IFIUDB, and IFICDB

22. January 2006

Because IPC 8 codes have begun appearing in the IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB, keep the following in mind while searching:

  • IPC 8 codes are being placed in the existing ICM and ICS fields. To search for IPC 8 codes, use the field labels /ICM, /ICS, /IC (searches /ICM and /ICS simultaneously), or /IPC (also searches /ICM and /ICS simultaneously, but works across STN files so is best for multifile searching). Since IPC Reform has eliminated the concepts of Main and Secondary IPC codes, it is advisable to search IPC 8 codes in the /IPC or /IC field.
  • IPC codes can usually be searched using the pre- or post-Reform format:

    => s C08G018-00/ipc
          1464 C08G018-00/IC
          1038 C08G018-00/ICM
           426 C08G018-00/ICS
    L1    1464 C08G018-00/IPC
    => s C08G0018-00/ipc
          1464 C08G018-00/IC
          1038 C08G018-00/ICM
           426 C08G018-00/ICS
    L2    1464 C08G0018-00/IPC
  • Post-Reform format IPC codes have an extra character compared to pre-Reform codes. For example, in the IPC 8 Code C08G0018-00, the extra character is the zero appearing in the fifth position. If the fifth character in an IPC 8 code were to be any number other than zero, you would then need to search that IPC 8 code exactly as given in the IPC 8 manual of classification.
  • The new SET command, SET ICFORMAT, allows you to determine whether the IPC codes in your documents are SELECTed and DISPLAYed in pre-Reform or post-Reform format. The default is pre-Reform format.

    IPC codes will display in the pre-Reform format if you have SET ICFORMAT OFF and in post-Reform format if you have SET ICFORMAT ON.

    You can continue to SELECT IPC codes and use them for file crossovers, e.g., to CAplusSM and USPATFULL.
  • If you are running current-awareness alerts (SDIs) or have saved search strategies containing IPC codes, you should review your strategies to ensure continued comprehensive retrieval:

Your Service Center's Help Desk can help you with further questions about IPC code searching in the IFI databases.

For more information on the IPC Reform, visit:

The IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB Database Summary Sheets are available in STNGUIDE and on the WEB on our Database List.