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New STN - Version One

What’s New

December 2013

Enhancements to the New STN® Platform, Version Two

July 2013

Launch of Version One of new STN® begins new era in IP searching

Press Releases

July 2013

Launch of Version One of new STN® begins new era in IP searching

December 2012

Version One of new STN® - the foundation for the future of patent searching


First Look - New STN - Big Data Creates Chemistry Without Limits
Anthony Trippe’s blog entry, Patinformatics, LLC, August 17, 2013

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STN Version One: New Searching Platform Under Development
Information Today, Inc., January 24, 2013

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STN – The choice of Patent Experts

Version Two of the New STN Platform Expands Global Patent Information.

Version Two of the New STN Platform

Version Two of the new STN platform went live on December 15, 2013. Within the scope of a multi-year initiative to create the next generation of STN,  new STN ensures a project-oriented workflow, improved usability, and a virtually limitless search architecture that has the potential to revolutionize patent searching. It delivers core STN content as well as search and retrieval functionality in a new project-based workflow that integrates the power of command line with an intuitive user interaction, enabling professionals to leverage their expertise and realize instantaneous results. In order to make sure that our customers’ needs are fully supported, the current STN platform will remain available as long as new STN development continues. It is most important for us to partner with our customers as we continue this journey with the new STN platform.

New STN Version Two now offers global patent content and exciting new functionality to support a broad array of IP search projects.

Seven additional patent databases expand global IP coverage: USFULL, PCTFULL, EPFULL, JPFULL, CNFULL, INFULL, INPADOCbib.

New features integrate content and enhance workflow efficiency:

  • Extended Patent Family Table integrates STN’s unique collection of patent information from CAplus, DWPI, INPADOC, and full-text databases to provide a complete view of an invention.
  • Structure query attribute panel provides a convenient way to view or edit assigned node/bond attributes.
  • The ability to Create term lists allows efficient transfer of data elements between STN databases to support leveraging each database's unique content.
  • Easily Update results from existing queries with the most current available content.
  • DWPI now provides an integrated display of DCR hit structures.

The new STN platform is currently available to fixed fee customers only.

A number of resources are available to help you learn more about new STN and the enhancements in Version Two. Orientations for those just getting started with new STN as well as sessions highlighting the Version Two enhancements for those experienced with Version One are offered at the In-product Help page.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the power of Version Two of new STN alongside the classic STN interfaces as you find each of them suitable for your work, and to provide feedback via the Contact Us link in the interface.

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