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February 2018

Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

February 2018

First Emtree Thesaurus for 2018 Now Available in Embase

January 2018

The 2018 version of MEDLINE now available on STN

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East meets West 2018,
19. - 20. Apr., Vienna
2018 IC-SDV Conference,
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PIUG 2018 Annual Conference,
05.-10.May, Alexandria, VA

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Frankfurt, 18.04.2018
München, 25.04.2018
Hamburg, 24.10.2018

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STN AnaVist - Analysis and visualization software for information professionals

STN® AnaVistTM is a powerful interactive analysis and visualization software that offers a unique combination of features and capabilities for efficiently analyzing and interpreting information retrieved from scientific and patent databases on STN. It is the only platform that permits analysis of both CAplusSM and DWPISM, with content processed by STN International for optimal visualization.

"The interactivity of the visualized data and the maps based on high-value databases make STN AnaVist a pioneering Analysis & Visualization tool. Design and functionality are key to meeting the requirements of R&D and identifying technology trends and in-/out-licensing opportunities. For example, you can select an area of interest on the map and get simultaneously the key competitors, key inventors and database records related to this area."
Nicolas Lalyre, Patent Information Specialist, Syngenta

STN AnaVist can help you answer complex questions and provides information that can be used to make faster and better business decisions.

With STN AnaVist you can

  • Analyze the patent landscape to determine emerging trends and leaders
  • Track competitive intelligence — find out what your competitors are doing
  • Discover new applications for existing technology
  • Determine research trends — find whether a particular area of research is on the rise, steady, or declining
  • Integrate content from multiple databases.
  • Quickly view interactive relationships among data and charts
  • Support strategic business planning.

STN® AnaVist™ was designed for use with STN Express® or STN® on the WebSM to search integrated content from multiple full-text patent databases.

Get the latest version of STN AnaVist - If you have an STN login ID and password, download STN AnaVist and STN Express® software for free via the STN Software Download web site. To request the software on CD-ROM, contact the STN Help Desk. Please respect the STN AnaVist License Agreement.

Customized analysis and visualization - Choose from a variety of new or enhanced analysis and visualization features.

Share visualization results - Share visualization results with others within an organization and create multiple versions of visualization projects. STN Login IDs for Shared Projects are available for those who wish to view and customize STN AnaVist visualization projects prepared by others.

Process results - You can export/download CAplus documents from STN AnaVist for use in third party A&V tools, as permitted in the CAS Information Use Policies.

Additional Information

Please also contact our helpdesk if you have any questions about pricing, technical requirements or STN AnaVist in general. We will be pleased to help you.