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New on STN

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

December 2019

New Korean Patent Full-Text Database KRFULL released

STN User Meetings

Munich, 20.05.2020

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Patent Forum Fall 2012

What's New?

Get up-to-date on the latest from STN.  Learn what’s new, including:

  • New STN status update 
  • Enhancements in new version of STN Express®, Version 8.5
  • Weekly package alerts available
  • Expanded patent coverage and new patent classification thesauri in CASM/CAplusSM
  • The new PQSciTech database
  • Enhanced display options in INPADOCDB
  • AEROSPACE and ENCOMPPAT/2 databases reloaded 


ReaxysFile on STN - Significantly more content and further enhancements

ReaxysFile on STN has been reloaded and information on several million substances has been added including inorganic substances and substances deriving from patents. Now the database has the same content as Reaxys®. Enhancements include additional fields and formats for displaying patent content or data for meeting the REACH requirements. The presentation will give an overview on the database, the new content and new features. Tips on what information can be easily found and how the patent coverage is used best will be of interest to new users of ReaxysFile, but also to experienced searchers.

Cross-file Patent Searching on STN

STN offers a great number of value-add and primary databases with different coverage in countries, timeliness and publication types and it provides the instruments to explore this information. In this presentation we show how to retrieve complete and comprehensive answer sets in a patent multifile environment without duplicates or lost answers.

Biomedical Files on STN

Patent searching is not always about searching patent databases. Clinical trial, toxicity and nonpatent literature information is useful in many searches. This session will focus on some of the features and techniques for searching the major biomedical files on STN: MEDLINE®, BIOSIS®, Embase® and CAplus. Also, learn about:

  • Medical thesauri
  • Special fields
  • Substance crossover
  • CAS Roles

DWPI Tips & Tricks

Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) is the world’s most comprehensive value-added database of international patent information, covering all aspects of science and technology. DWPI has been enhanced with many new features in recent years, including the addition of the DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) and the members level which captures important supplementary data from the original publications. Learn how to take full advantage of these features and many others using the tips and tricks included in this session.

The Chemistry in USPAT Files

Chemical indexing and CAS Registry Numbers are added to the USPAT databases on STN for enhanced search options in chemistry, chemical engineering and life sciences.  Learn ways to harness this additional indexing, control precision and recall, and use US Patents Full Text databases in synergy with CAS REGISTRYSM and CAplus.

Learn about:

  • USPAT databases on STN
  • RN and chemical substance searching in USPATALL
  • SELECT CHEM crossover to USPATALL