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New on STN

February 2018

Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

February 2018

First Emtree Thesaurus for 2018 Now Available in Embase

January 2018

The 2018 version of MEDLINE now available on STN

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East meets West 2018,
19. - 20. Apr., Vienna
2018 IC-SDV Conference,
23. - 24. Apr, Nice
PIUG 2018 Annual Conference,
05.-10.May, Alexandria, VA

STN User Meetings

Frankfurt, 18.04.2018
München, 25.04.2018
Hamburg, 24.10.2018

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Patent Forum Spring 2015

What's New?
Get up-to-date on the latest from STN. Learn what’s new on both the classic and new STN platforms, plus a sneak peek of the forth-coming Derwent World Patents Index Markush database on the new platform

Maximizing the Derwent Value-Added Features on classic STN – A Multi-Database Approach
Thomson Reuters produces many different value-added databases that are available on the STN platform. This session will show you how to maneuver between the various databases to get the most out of each database on classic STN. The presentation will utilize Derwent databases and will illustrate some of the value-added features in these databases, including keyword indexing, the Derwent classification and manual codes, Derwent Chemical Resource (DCR) indexing, and the Numeric Property Search capability.  This presentation is recommended for all level of searchers, from the novice to the experienced searcher.

New STN Case Studies
Each release of the new STN platform delivers additional enhancements to the STN search experience while maintaining precise and efficient searching of scientific and patent content.  This session will use search examples to showcase some of the best new features in new STN.

Extended Patent Families on STN
The ability to search CAplus, INPADOC and the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) for patent family information has always been a unique feature of classic STN.  Learn about patent families, and the enhancements we have made to the Extended Patent Family feature in new STN.