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March 2020

STN Database Updates continue as usual

March 2020

European Patent Office warns about possible delays in data delivery due to the Corona Crisis

March 2020

First 2020 Update to Emtree Now Available on STN(R)

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Copyright Day 2020, 05.May, Frankfurt
PATINFO 2020, 17.-19.Jun, Ilmenau
The 2020 AI-SDV Conference,
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STN User Meetings

Munich, 20.05.2020

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Patent Forum Spring 2013

What's New?

Get up-to-date on the latest from STN. Learn what’s new, including:

  • Extended Markush backfile coverage in MARPAT®
  • Biomedical database enhancements
  • Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) enhancements
  • Calculated expiration dates and citations in INPADOC
  • Full-text patent database updates

STN Current Awareness Update

Businesses need to stay up-to-date on research trends, competitors, inventors, patents and legal status information. STN has added flexible new features such as standard setup, new package delivery options and RSS delivery of results to make it easy to keep up-to-date on the latest information.
Learn about:

  • New setup and delivery options for automatic alerts
  • Multifile alerts and package alerts
  • Choosing the right update code
  • Opportunities with patent portfolio management

Putting CPC at your Fingertip

Once fully implemented, the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) should greatly simplify patent office classification searches by reducing the number of different classification schemes which must be used to perform a comprehensive search. This session will review the various patent office classification systems, highlighting the implementation of CPC on STN. Finally, a comprehensive classification search will be performed to illustrate how easy it is to incorporate all of these concepts into a single search on STN.

Effective multifile searching for patent prior art

While it’s necessary to include DWPI and CAS databases for any prior art search, it is often necessary to extend the search to other STN databases for more comprehensive results.  This session will first explore the reasons for adding additional databases to the search, including ENCOMPPAT, ENCOMPLIT, PQSCITECH and PASCAL.  Then you will learn how to:

  • Use STN INDEX to identify the most relevant databases and refine the multifile search query
  • Consult thesauri from several databases to identify the specific terminology used by database producers
  • Identify and remove duplicate answers from multi-file search results using the DUPLICATE command

CAS REGISTRY as an Analysis Tool

Many search professionals are familiar with analyzing patent information for trends, competitive intelligence and business information. Analyzing substance information can tell you  about broad classes of registered substances, as well as specific substituents in a Markush position. REGISTRY is the gold standard for substances, with numerous fields of data that can be searched and mined for insights such as:

  • Use REGISTRY to identify broadly defined classes of substances, such as all registered saturated alkyls
  • Analyze REGISTRY answers to gain insight into technology
  • Use STN Express® R-group analysis to analyze REGISTRY information