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30 Years of STN

2014 - A Year of Celebration and Innovation for STN®

The STN 30th anniversary celebration this year provided an opportunity to reflect on the growth of STN over the past three decades and a chance to give thanks to all those who have made that success possible.

While celebrating the past, we have also been busy building STN for the future. Ongoing development of new STN in 2014 provided new content and features as well as interface refinements based on user feedback. Major STN content enhancements this year included the launch of DEFULL (German full-text patents in English), addition of Chinese dissertation content to CAplusSM, new CHEMCATS® fields and expanded DOI availability.

STN Global Value Pricing was also launched in 2014, empowering users to maximize the value STN offers to their entire organizations by offering unlimited use of all STN content and features at a fixed price. Global Value Pricing reflects customer feedback and market trends by simplifying administration and letting users focus on searching rather than costs.

As 2014 draws to a close, we thank you for your continued support of STN. We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the New Year, including the next new STN release featuring biomedical and patent content and new features.

Table of Contents

Database News

  • DWPI primary accession numbers from 2015
  • INPADOC: Legal status information for Korea added
  • Enhanced CASREACT® Coverage on STN®– A New Source of Prior Art
  • PASCAL database on STN goes static


Take Note

  • The best offense is a good defense - Defensive Publications

Database News

DWPI primary accession numbers from 2015

With the increasing number of Basic patent applications published each year and the ongoing enhancements being made to DWPI coverage, there is a need to accommodate volumes of more than 2.5 million Basic patents per year from 2015. Rather than increase the length of the primary accession number, Thomson Reuters will extend the use of letters in the accession number from DWPI Update 201501.

The format will be as follows:


YYYY    = 4 digit year
A         = 1 letter or digit
N         = 1 digit

The first accession of 2015 will be 2015-000001. The number series will then increment up to 2015-000009, then to 2015-00000A and so on. Thomson Reuters will continue not to use the letters I or O as they can be confused with 1 or 0.

INPADOC: Legal status information for Korea added

Legal status information from Korea was added to the INPADOC database in week 2014/48.
Korean legal status currently covers about 80 different legal event codes for selected office and applicant’s actions, events related to trial proceedings, PCT entries, fee payments and withdrawals. Information for change of owner will probably be added in the future. The complete list of supplied legal event codes is given at the end of the attached document.
The current update (UP 20141127) contains Korean legal status events from the period January-July 2014. Subsequently the complete backfile will be loaded backwards up to 1983. Thereafter current data as of August 2014 will be added. Regular bi-monthly updates are scheduled for Q2/2015.
Examples and more information.

Enhanced CASREACT® Coverage on STN®– A New Source of Prior Art

Beginning in December, CAS is enhancing CASREACT database coverage with the addition of reactions from 1,450 dissertations published in the Selected Organic Reaction Database (SORD) between 1967 and 2011.

PASCAL database on STN goes static

On January 1st, 2015 the production of the database PASCAL will be discontinued by the producer CNRS-INIST. Though the database will not be updated, the backfile of PASCAL will continue to be offered on STN. SDIs will no longer be available after the last run in December.
Alternatives for up-to-date information of this multi-disciplinary database are PQSciTech or SciSearch or subject-specific databases. The STN Helpdesk is happy to support you in identifying helpful sources.

Take Note

The best offense is a good defense - Defensive Publications

Research-based companies all around the world develop strategies to deal with their inventions and to get the most out of them. A company’s intellectual property is a premium value and needs to be well protected. Therefore, different intellectual property strategies are used. Defensive Publications, also called Technical Disclosures or Defensive Disclosures, represent such an intellectual property strategy. But for what does “Defensive Publication” stand for and what is the aim of this strategy?
Read more.

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