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STNewsline December 2011 - Table of Contents

Database News
  •  INPADOC - Recent Coverage Enhancements
  •  Rolled-up IPC Core Codes Removed
  •  IP Corporation of  Malaysia Becomes 62nd Authority on CASM/CAplusSM

  •  CASM/CAplusSM Now Includes Examiner Citations for Japanese Patents

Search Tip of the Month
  •  Searching Asian Patent Claims in DWPI on STN

Take Note
  •  STN Survey
  •  FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service
  •  Values and Benefits of Using Polylink
  •  Stay Current on Important Search Topics
  •  Expand Your SDI Alert into Multiple Databases

Database News

INPADOC: Recent Coverage Enhancements

  •  Legal Status Data from Argentina are now available

The European Patent Office takes a considerable effort to expand the coverage of patent data from Latin America. Most recently legal status data from Argentina have been added to the INPADOC legal status collection. The coverage goes back to 2004 and includes 5 different legal status events referring to e.g. the lapse or refusal of a patent application. Please use the EXPAND command for the legal status code field /LSC to see which codes are available for Argentina => E AR/LSC.

  •  Coverage of Taiwanese patent publications has been enhanced

The coverage of Taiwanese patent publications has been significantly enhanced for recent years. Taiwanese unexamined patent applications (TW A documents) have now been added to INPADOC with a publication date from 2008 to 2011, including English titles and abstracts and IPC- and European patent classification codes (ECLA, ICO).

  •  New Citation Category introduced by European Patent Office

The European Patent Office applies citation categories to patent and NPL citations to indicate the level of relevance of a particular examiner citation. A new category has been introduced for cited patent and NPL references referring to patent publications with a publication date from April 2011 onwards. The new category “I” indicates a citation of particular relevance and has a similar meaning to category “x”:
category I – particularly relevant if taken alone, prejudicing inventive step
category X - particularly relevant if taken alone, prejudicing novelty

Citation categories are searchable using the search field /CAT and can be linked with cited patent numbers (/PN.D) , e.g.
=> S  WO 2006042305 /PN.D(S)(X OR I)/CAT
More information about INPAFAMDB/INPADOCDB

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes removed

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes are being removed from IPC reclassifications (IPCR field) in patent databases on STN to deliver more consistent and streamlined IPC content.

In 2006, the European Patent Office (EPO) introduced Rolled-up Core Codes for each advanced level IPC code in patents. This practice simplified searching across countries by providing a code that spanned assigned IPC codes at both the Advanced level and the Core level. In late 2010, the EPO stopped rolling up Core Codes and removed Rolled-Up Core Codes from the IPC reclassifications supplied quarterly to database producers and vendors.  

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes have now been removed from the IPCR fields of the following databases on STN:

•    CASM/CAplusSM family of databases

Rolled-up Core Codes are in the process of being removed from the set of current IPCs in WPINDEX / WPIDS / WPIX. This process will be completed by end of 2011.

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Becomes 62nd Authority on CASM/CAplusSM

In mid-November, CAS enhanced its extensive patent authority coverage in CA/CAplus by adding the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Malaysia (country code MY) is the 62nd authority covered by CAS.

Malaysian patent documents expand CAS’ already substantial coverage of the world’s major patent authorities. CAS actively continues to expand coverage, particularly from smaller patent authorities which would otherwise be largely inaccessible to many patent searchers.

You can quickly access multiple sources with broad coverage of 62 patent authorities covered by CAS. Coverage of Malaysian kind code A is retroactive to January 15, 2010. This includes granted patents and utility models. Malaysian A patents are eligible to be covered as basics or added to existing patent families. Approximately 1,000 patents are expected per year (approximately 200 basic patents) from Malaysia.

CASM/CAplusSM Now Includes Examiner Citations for Japanese Patents

Coverage in the CASM/CAplusSM databases is expanded to include Japanese patent examiner citations. Intellectually translated examiner citations include links to other CAplus records for quick access to the exact information you need such as inventor names and patent assignees.

Database coverage includes Japanese B1 and B2 patents processed as basics and published September 21, 2011 or later. Patent examiner citations are available for about 95 percent of the Japanese B1 and B2 patents processed so far.

The numerous countries and authorities available with examiner citations in CA/CAplus include:
•    CA
•    EP
•    GB
•    WO   
•    DE
•    FR
•    JP
•    US

Search Tip of the Month

Search Tip  - Searching Asian patent claims in DWPI on STN

Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) now offers unique English-language coverage of Chinese, South Korean and Japanese patent publications. This month discover how this new content can be effectively searched and displayed in DWPI on STN.  Explore how to extend a value-added text search to include the Asian patent claim text, and how to focus an STN search to retrieve just the DWPI Asian patent claims text.  View the full background and search example.

 If you are interested in learning more about DWPI on STN, with many search tips, please watch online and/or download the recorded audio/video of the e-Seminar "Introduction to DWPI on STN" .

Take Note

STN Survey – Enter to Win an iPad2®!

Your experience with STN is very important to us. Customers like you help make STN the choice for chemistry- and science-related patent information.
We invite you to participate in our global  STN survey about your experience, needs and satisfaction with STN. Your feedback will help guide the future of STN.
This 20-25 minute survey is being conducted on behalf of the STN partners by Sawtooth Technologies, Inc.

Subject to your organization’s policy, after you complete the survey, you can choose to be entered in a drawing to receive an Apple iPad2®.

You will be required to enter your STN login ID to start the survey. In STN Express®, you can locate your STN login ID at the top of a recent transcript or go to Setup and click Modify.
If you need to leave the survey, you may return and complete it later by using the same link. All responses must be received by Sunday, December 11.

Start the survey.

For any questions or additional information, please send an email to stnsurvey(at)cas(dot)org.
Thank you on behalf of the STN partners.


FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service

Did you know that FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service is your professional, efficient and reliable partner for specialized searches, like biosequence searches, as well? We offer comparative biosequence searches, e.g. within the scope of a target search or exact sequence searches, e.g. for peptide analoga or primers. We search the sequence databases on STN (DGENE, USGENE, PCTGEN, REGISTRY), which have an excellent coverage of patents and offer topical information, but also expand the search to other sequence databases if requested by our customers.

See more information about our sequence search offer or contact us directly with your search request for a time and cost estimate. You may also contact us by phone:+49 7247 808 555

Values and Benefits of using Polylink

The POLYLINK command in the CAS REGISTRY database collects the relevant monomer-based and structural repeating unit (SRU)-based CAS Registry Numbers (CAS RNs) for a condensation polymer or a set of condensation polymers together into a single REGISTRY answer set.
Read the full article.


Stay current on important search topics with the STN Express SDI Wizard

STN searchers have many reasons to keep up-to-date on the latest published patent information and research publications.
Read the full article.

Expand your SDI alert into multiple databases

The STN Express Wizard is a quick and easy option to create a single file SDI. However, you should consider expanding your existing profiles to include complementary databases to enhance search retrieval.
Read the full article

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