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Upcoming STN User Meetings

23 Oct - Erfahrungsaustausch Patente, Frankfurt (Germany)
06 Nov - Erfahrungsaustausch Patente, Essen (Germany)
20 Nov - Erfahrungsaustausch Patente, Hamburg (Germany)
27 Nov - STN User Meeting, Bern (Switzerland)
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Upcoming e-Seminars

18 Oct - Current awareness searching in STN patent databases
08 Nov - Structure searching in Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) using STN Express
15 Nov - Searching patent office classifications on STN
29 Nov - Searching patent office classifications on STN
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STN e-Seminar

27 Nov - What's new on STN?
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Upcoming Workshops

18 Oct - Chemical Abstracts on STN - Introduction
25 Oct - STN Beyond the basics
08 Nov - REGISTRY file
22 Nov - Biosequence searching on STN
29 Nov - Patent searching on STN - an overview
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24 Oct - STN Analyses (not AnaVist) and citations
07 Nov - STN Patents advanced
22 Nov - STN Refresh Day
28 Nov - STN AnaVist
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18 Oct - Brevets Introduction
12 Nov - STN Perfectionnement
13 Nov - CA Bibliographie Perfectionnement
22 Nov - Dictionnaire Chimique
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27 Nov - Einführung in CAplus
28 Nov - REGISTRY Grundlagenkurs
29 Nov - Struktursuche in REGISTRY
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06 Nov - Engineering-Seminar
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16 Oct - Patentseminar
31 Oct - Recherchieren mit Patentklassifikationen
14 Nov - Recherchieren in STN-Patentdatenbanken
20 Nov - Recherchieren im Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)
21 Nov - DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) – das WPI-Struktursegement
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STN Retrieval Language

27 Nov - Kompaktseminar
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19 Oct - STN Basic course
24 Oct - Engineering Files on STN
24 Oct - Numerical property searching
25 Oct - STN Refresher course
26 Oct - STN Intermediate
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06 Nov - Full Text Patent Files + Virtual File
08 Nov - STN Basics
13 Nov - Polymer searching in REGISTRY
22 Nov - STN Intermediate
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STNewsline October 2012 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • DWPI Country Coverage Update - Changes to Gulf Co-operation (GC) Kind Codes
  • Reload of METADEX – effect on SDIs and saved answers
  • Expanded Embase® Database Coverage on STN® Includes More Biomedical and Pharmacological Content from Conferences
  • INPADOC: legal status for Peru is now available


Search Tip of the Month

  • Abbreviations in Chemical Abstracts (CA) Databases


At Your Command

  • EDIT Alerts to Add Databases or Make Changes

Take Note

  • Predict When CAS REGISTRYSM Hits 70 Million Organic and Inorganic Substances!


Meet us at

  • ICIC 2012, Berlin, Oct 14 - 17
  • EPOPIC, Hamburg, Nov 06-08

Database News

DWPI Country Coverage Update - Changes to Gulf Co-operation (GC) Kind Codes

As a result of customer feedback, the kind code for Gulf Cooperation Council patents in DWPI has been changed from B to A to reflect that this is the first stage of publication for records filed through this patent office. 

From update 201260 onwards, all new GC patents have the kind code A, with backfile corrections subsequently appearing to change the kind code of records already in DWPI.

DWPI users are encouraged to review any current alerts or search strategies to ensure the correct patent kind is being searched.

About the Gulf Co-operation Council Patent Coverage

The member states of the GCC are: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The GCC does not form part of the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) and is not a signatory to the Paris Convention, but it does conform to the priority rules of the Convention, meaning that a GCC application can claim priority from a prior Convention application.

A patent granted under the GCC is enforceable across all GCC states, with a 20 year term of protection from date of filing applying in each of the member territories (compared to a 15 year term of protection granted under individual national patent legislation). It is possible to file in one or more GCC states and also the central GCC Patent Office simultaneously.

DWPI coverage commenced with the first patent published on 29 June 2004.

Reload of METADEX – Effect on SDIs and Saved Answers

METADEX database reloaded on September 22, 2012. The reloaded METADEX database has many enhancements, including coverage of patent documents, the numeric property search feature, and simultaneous left- and right truncation in title (/TI) and abstract (/AB) fields. The reload  impacted SDIs and saved answer sets:

  • The monthly SDI for August ran after the reload. The last update and SDI run was end of July.
  • The monthly SDI for September ran beginning of October.
  • SDIs and saved queries remain available after the reload.
  • Because the accession number format has changed with the reload, SDI history and saved answer sets (except for the query itself) were lost after the reload.
  • Entry dates of 2012 were kept, but other backfile records have new entry dates.

If you run a manual profile, please check if this could affect you.

For further information, see HELP RLOAD or contact your local STN Help Desk.


Expanded Embase® Database Coverage on STN® Includes More Biomedical and Pharmacological Content from Conferences

On September 22, 2012, STN enhanced Embase coverage to include Conference Abstracts and Conference Reviews, including a backfile of more than 800,000 records. Conference Abstract records include abstracts, full indexing and controlled terminology from the Emtree thesaurus. Conference Review records include abstracts, key topics and the number of papers presented at the conference.


INPADOC: legal status for Peru is now available

The coverage of legal status data from Latin America has been extended to  Peru. Peruvian legal status data are now available from January 2007 onwards. Current data will be loaded on a monthly basis.

The following legal status codes are available:


Search Tip of the Month

Abbreviations in Chemical Abstracts (CA) Databases

Ever forget to check the abbreviations list when creating your search term strategy? STN makes it easy to never miss abbreviated terms again. The SET ABBREVIATION command specifies whether a specific database producer’s standard abbreviations of search terms should be added automatically in the SEARCH and QUERY commands in English language databases. In this example, learn more about Abbreviations in Chemical Abstracts (CA) Databases.

At Your Command

EDIT Alerts to Add Databases or Make Changes

Use the SDI EDIT (ALERT EDIT) command to add databases or make changes to a multifile alert. To add a database:

  • Enter all databases including those from the existing alert and the new database.
  • ACTIVATE the existing search query associated with the alert or create a new one specifically tailored to the new database
  • Enter SDI EDIT MFILE and the name of the saved multifile SDI.
  • Type ADD at the “Enter Line Number” prompt and complete the change by providing a component SDI request name.

SDI EDIT may be used to change other parameters associated with the alert including:

    Cost Center
    Update Qualifier (Field)
    Method of Delivery
    Email ID
    Print Format
    Run Frequency
    Search Query

View search examples here.

Take Note

Predict When CAS REGISTRYSM Hits 70 Million Organic and Inorganic Substances!

By the end of 2012, CAS expects to register the 70 millionth organic or inorganic substance. Predict the date and time when CAS REGISTRY hits 70 million organic and inorganic substances for a chance to win an Apple iPad®, Kindle Fire® or Nook® (based on entry date). To enter or for Contest Rules, visit the CAS REGISTRY counter on the CAS website.

Meet us at

ICIC - International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals, Berlin, Oct 14-17

On Tuesday, Oct 16, Dr. Rainer Stuike-Prill, Head of Marketing and Sales at FIZ Karlsruhe, will give a presentation on "The Future Role of Online Hosts - Will Values of Today be Valued Tomorrow".
FIZ Karlsuhe/STN will be present with a booth and present the latest product developments.

EPOPIC - EPO Patent Information Conference, Hamburg, Nov 06-08
STN will have a booth at EPOPIC and give an exhibition presentation.

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