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14 September - Searching for antibody information on STN
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16 September - Stepping Beyond the Basics of Structure Searching
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27 September - STN AnaVist
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07 October - Introduction à STN
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15 November - STN Perfectionnement
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07 December - Introduction à STN
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01 December - Effiziente Recherche im Web
02 December - Kann man Patente verstehen?
14 December - Einführung in das Patentwesen
15 December - Recherchen in STN-Patentdatenbanken

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20 October - Engineering Information

03 November - Engineering Information
18 November - Engineering Information

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11 October - Basic CAplus Subject Search Techniques
12 October - Advanced CAplus Subject Search Techniques

15 November - STN Kompaktseminar

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23 September - STN Intermediate

06 October - STN Basics
14 October - STN Intermediate

16 November - STN Basics
23 November - STN Intermediate

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28 September - STN Basics
29 September - STN Intermediate
30 September - Introduction to Chemistry Searching on STN

12 October - STN Basics
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14 October - Introduction to Chemistry Searching on STN

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STNewsline September 2010 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • CAS coverage of global patent authorities has expanded
  • INSPEC: Enhancements
  • USGENE: Basic Patent Number assigned to USGENE records
  • WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX: Enhancements

Take Note

  • FIZ AutoDoc enhancements
  • FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service

Database News

CAS coverage of global patent authorities has expanded to 61 with the addition of Costa Rica

In July 2010 CAS enhanced its extensive patent coverage by adding patent and patent family information from the Costa Rica Registry of Industrial Properties. Also at this time, CAS expanded coverage of the Argentina National Institute of Industrial Properties.
Patent publications have gained importance in recent years as a growing source of unique substance information, outpacing journal publications. In fact, patent disclosures contributed most of the new small molecules added to the CAS REGISTRY in 2009.

Costa Rican patent documents expand CAS' already substantial coverage of patent authorities from smaller countries. Patent information from these smaller patent authorities is largely inaccessible to many patent searchers, and CAS is one of only a few information providers that cover smaller patent authorities.

With CAS' broad coverage of 61 worldwide patent authorities, you can quickly access multiple sources to obtain new and unique substance information.
CAS' coverage of Costa Rican patent documents includes kind codes A (patent application) and U (utility model application) from 2007 to date.

  • A1 (patent applications)
  • A2 (divisional patent application)
  • A3 (additional patent application)
  • A4 (independent utility model application)
  • A6 (additional utility model application)

Costa Rican equivalents are now appearing in patent families, and Argentinean equivalents will be loaded in the next few weeks. Basic patents from the two countries are published in Spanish and will not appear in CA/CAplus until indexing is complete, along with an English title and abstract.

For additional information about these databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

INSPEC: Enhancements

Journals coverage increases
INSPEC now covers approximately 5.000 journal titles from all over the world.

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Treatment Codes - simple letters, big results!
There are nine individual letter codes and one or more can be assigned to represent the Treatment Type of the original document.

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For additional information about INSPEC, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

USGENE: Basic Patent Number assigned to USGENE records

A basic patent number has been assigned in USGENE and is now available for search and analysis allowing for a more precise retrieval.

USGENE database records provide extensive bibliographic information comprising the actual publication number and all previous publication numbers and dates referring to the same application. In addition, parent case WIPO/PCT numbers and dates are available when the sequences come from granted US patents. When a USGENE record comprises multiple publication numbers, the first publication number in the patent information field is the basis for the actual database record: sequence, bibliography, abstract and claims originate from this basic publication.

Four different fields have been introduced to make the basic patent information in USGENE accessible for search and analysis:

  • PN.B patent number, basic
  • PK.B patent kind code, basic
  • PD.B publication date, basic
  • PY.B publication year, basic

For additional information about USGENE, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.


Revision of patent publication numbers
Patent publication numbers in DWPI underwent a revision in order to provide an even more consistent handling of these important document identifiers. In the wake of this revision patent kind codes for Indian, Mexican and Japanese PCT transfer documents will assume the STN standard format when the format is set accordingly (SET PATENT STN). The Derwent formats will continue to be display- and searchable, of course.

For further particulars see HELP KIND.

New Coverage - Philippine Applications and Utility Models
The coverage of the Philippines in DWPI will soon be extended to include Patent Applications (PH A) and Utility Models (PH Z), adding to the existing coverage of Granted Patents in the file.

Read more

For additional information about these databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

Take Note

FIZ AutoDoc enhancements

FIZ AutoDoc, FIZ Karlsruhe's document delivery broker service, provides you with new additional services:

  • Infotrieve as a new document supplier offering document delivery in Plain PDF and PDF/DRM format for more than 40.000 ISSNs
  • Oxford University Press as a new pay-per-view supplier offering a download option for articles in Plain PDF format from more than 200 ejournals
  • Reprints Desk increases the number of journal titles for delivery in Plain PDF format to more than 19.000 ISSNs
  • Improved Order Details page with information about standard and additional usage rights
  • FIZ AutoDoc offers a bibliographic search service.

More information

FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service

In case your information department suffers from staff shortage during summer holidays, FIZ Karlsruhe's Search Service is your professional, efficient and reliable partner to fill this gap.
We are happy to provide you with all kind of patent and literature searches as well as specialized searches like chemical structure or biosequence searches.

Please visit for more information or contact us directly with your search request for a time and cost estimate at helpdesk(at)fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de or +49 7247 808 555.

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