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Table of Contents

 Database News

  • MEDLINE on STN Now Updated Daily
  • New AUPB Field Supplements Author Information Provided in EmbaseTM, Embase AlertTM, MEDLINE® and SciSearch®
  • CAplus Cited References: 400 Million Strong... and Growing!
  • CHEMCATS® (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN® Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates


 Search Tip of the Month

  • Use of Multiple Repeating Groups in New STN Allows for Precise Broadening of Structure Queries


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Database News

MEDLINE on STN Now Updated Daily

Effective June 2014, MEDLINE on STN  is now updated daily – seven days per week, subject to the availability of updates. Previously MEDLINE was updated five times a week, Tuesday thru Saturday. Alerts running on a frequency of Every Update will now be delivered seven times per week.


New AUPB Field Supplements Author Information Provided in EmbaseTM, Embase AlertTM, MEDLINE® and SciSearch®

The Embase, Embase Alert, MEDLINE and SciSearch databases each include organizational affiliation (corporate source) data for all authors, as available.

For multi-authored works referenced in these databases, the order in which author names appeared in the original source document is not always evident.

Since June 29, 2014, the AUPB (Authors in Publication Order) field provides AUPB data for search and custom display. It has been added to the ALL and IALL formats in each of these databases.


CAplus Cited References:  400 Million Strong... and Growing!

CAplus has long been a major source of cited reference information. Cited references in CAplus originate from the bibliography at the end of a journal article, as well as from patents, which reference other patents as well as non-patent literature. CAplus recently reached a major milestone when it added its 400 millionth cited reference! Thousands of new cited references are added to CAplus every week. Click here to find more information on CAS coverage of cited references.

Looking at the most frequently cited publications (or articles), we find that many of them discuss what are now standard laboratory protocols and procedures, and tools for scientific data analysis. Their topics include: protein measurement and identification, RNA isolation, and sequence searching. Here are the top ten most cited references, as of June 2014:

1.     Title: A rapid and sensitive method for the quantitation of microgram
        quantities of protein utilizing the principle of protein-dye binding.
        Author: Bradford, Marion M.
        Organizational Affiliation: Dep. Biochem., Univ. Georgia,
        Athens, GA, USA
        Source: Analytical Biochemistry (1976), 72(1-2), 248-54
        Number of times cited: 92,854 

2.     Title: Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the
        head of bacteriophage T4.
        Author: Laemmli, U. K.
        Organizational affiliation: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
        Cambridge, UK
        Source: Nature (London, United Kingdom) (1970), 227(5259), 680-685
        Number of times cited: 79,618 

3.     Title: Protein measurement with the Folin phenol reagent
        Authors: Lowry, Oliver H.; Rosebrough, Nira J.; Farr, A. Lewis;
        Randall, Rose J.
        Organizational affiliation: Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO
        Source: Journal of Biological Chemistry (1951), 193, 265-75
        Number of times cited: 60,918 

4.     Title: Density-functional thermochemistry. III. The role of exact
        Author: Becke, Axel D.
        Organizational affiliation: Dep. Chem., Queen's Univ.,
        Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6, Can.
        Source: Journal of Chemical Physics (1993), 98(7), 5648-52
        Number of times cited: 49,294 

5.     Title: Development of the Colle-Salvetti correlation-energy formula
        into a functional of the electron density
        Authors: Lee, Chengteh; Yang, Weitao; Parr, Robert G.
        Organizational affiliation: Dep. Chem., Univ. North Carolina,
        Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, USA
        Source: Physical Review B:  Condensed Matter and Materials
        Physics (1988), 37(2), 785-9
        Number of times cited: 42,576 

6.     Title: Generalized gradient approximation made simple
        Authors: Perdew, John P.; Burke, Kieron; Ernzerhof, Matthias
        Organizational affiliation: Dep. Phys. Quantum Theory Group,
        Tulane Univ., New Orleans, LA, 70118, USA
        Source: Physical Review Letters (1996), 77(18), 3865-3868
        Number of times cited: 37,052 

7.     Title: Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of
        protein database search programs
        Authors:  Altschul, Stephen F.; Madden, Thomas L.;Schaffer,
        Alejandro A.; Zhang, Jinghui; Zhang, Zheng;  Miller, Webb;
        Organizational affiliation: Natl. Cent. Biotechnol. Information,
        Natl. Library Med., Natl. Inst.Health, Bethesda, MD, 20894, USA
        Source: Nucleic Acids Research (1997), 25(17), 3389-3402
        Number of times cited: 35,774 

8.     Title: CLUSTAL W: improving the sensitivity of progressive multiple
        sequence alignment through sequence weighting, position-specific
        gap penalties and weight matrix choice
        Authors: Thompson, Julie D.; Higgins, Desmond G.; Gibson,
        Toby J.
        Organizational affiliation: European Molecular Biology laboratory,
        Heidelberg, D-69012, Germany
        Source: Nucleic Acids Research (1994), 22(22), 4673-80
        Number of times cited: 33,197 

9.      Title: Single-step method of RNA isolation by acid guanidinium
         thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction
         Authors: Chomczynski, Piotr; Sacchi, Nicoletta
         Organizational affiliation: Lab. Biochem. Metabol., NIDDK,
         Bethesda, MD, 20892, USA
         Source: Analytical Biochemistry (1987), 162(1), 156-9
         Number of times cited: 32,340 

10.     Title: Basic local alignment search tool
          Authors: Altschul, Stephen F.; Gish, Warren; Miller, Webb;
          Myers, Eugene W.; Lipman, David J.
          Organizational affiliation: Natl. Cent. Biotechnol. Inf., Natl. Library
          Med., Bethesda, MD, 20894, USA
          Source: Journal of Molecular Biology (1990), 215(3), 403-10
          Number of times cited: 29,977


CHEMCATS® (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN® Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

On June 29, 2014, CHEMCATS on STN was enhanced with new search and display fields based on additional information supplied by catalog providers. These new fields allow for more efficient identification of suppliers offering the desired quantity, purity and stock availability of chemicals. CHEMCATS is now also updated more frequently, whenever new material becomes available, typically multiple times per week.

The new search and display fields are listed in the table below. The BULK field always has a value, based on information provided by the supplier, but the other new fields are optional.

Field label    Field name
SKAV           Stock Availability
QCAT           Quantity Category
SHIP            Shipping Time
PRCT            Purity Category
BULK            Bulk Availability
SCRN           Screening Compound

The sample CHEMCATS record below shows the new fields and record layout:

Please refer to the updated Database Summary Sheet for more information on CHEMCATS.

Search Tip of the Month

Use of Multiple Repeating Groups in New STN Allows for Precise Broadening of Structure Queries

The enhanced search power of new STN provides opportunities for greater structure search precision, even for broad queries, allowing you to fully represent the specific requirements of each search project. For example, the enhanced search capacity of new STN supports structure queries that include multiple repeating groups. This allows you more flexibility to add controlled variability to find similar substances to a substance of interest. The broad results set can then be narrowed for a specific use or application.

Read more here.

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•    Faster search execution - up to 15 times faster for some searches
•    Limitless search power - no size restrictions on queries or answer sets
•    Unique Extended Patent Family Table
•    Project-oriented workflow

Explore the unique features of new STN here.

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