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STNewsline July/August 2012 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • Launch of new PQSciTech Database
  • Reload of ReaxysFile™ on STN
  • AEROSPACE reloaded
  • ENCOMPPAT/2 Databases Reloaded
  • More Frequent Updates to the Emtree Thesaurus in EmbaseTM on STN®
  • Get More Experimental Property Data in CAS REGISTRYSM
  • INPADOCDB: Enhanced Display Options


Search Tips of the Month

  • Make the Most of Match Level ANY in CAS MARPAT® Database
  • Simple Search Strategies for DOIs in the CASM/CAplusSM Family of Databases


Take Note

  • Revised DWPI Manual Available
  • Keep Current with Weekly SDI Packages Now Available on STN
  • Logoff with All the Info You Need
  • RSS Delivery of Alerts (SDIs) Enhanced with Hit Term Highlighting
  • SELECT Citations to Find Key Articles
  • STN Express - Old Versions Discontinued
  • Holiday Service

Database News

Launch of new PQSciTech database, created from 25 individual CSA databases, allows more efficient searching on STN

As of July 29, 2012 content of the CSA databases (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) has become available in the new multidisciplinary PQSciTech (ProQuest Science and Technology) database on STN.

This new resource with more than 27 million references enables you to search broadly or to restrict to certain technologies using file segments (see Help FS). It also includes the popular Numeric Property Search feature (see HELP NPS.)

For additional information on content see HELP CONT; for information on changes and enhancements see HELP RLOAD, for information on the transfer of SDIs and other saved items, and the list of databases please follow this link.


Reload of ReaxysFile™ on STN – significantly more content added 

ReaxysFile on STN has been reloaded and information on more than 8 million substances has been added including inorganic substances and substances deriving from patents.  The database has now information on 90% more substances than the previous version of ReaxysFile on STN and the same content as Reaxys®.

The functionality of the database on STN has only changed slightly to enable retrieval of e.g. inorganic substances, the display of patent related information or the customized display of REACH information. More information on additional search and display fields can be obtained online with HELP CHANGE. General information is available here or with our STN Helpdesk.Reaxys® and the Reaxys®  trademark are owned and protected by Reed Elsevier Properties SA. All rights reserved.


AEROSPACE reloaded

AEROSPACE was reloaded with enhancements on July 28, 2012. Key customer impacts are as follows:

  • The monthly SDI for July uses the reloaded version of the database.
  • Historical entry dates are not available in the reloaded AEROSPACE database.
  • SDIs and saved queries remain available after the reload.
  • Because the accession number format has changed with the reload, SDI history and saved answer sets were lost after the reload. 

The reloaded AEROSPACE has many enhancements, including the numeric property search feature and Digital Object Identifiers. 

For further information, see HELP RLOAD or contact your local STN Help Desk.


ENCOMPPAT/2 Databases reloaded

The ENCOMPPAT/2 databases were reloaded on July 28, 2012. More details on the enhancements and changes are available in the databases in HELP RLOAD.


More Frequent Updates to the Emtree Thesaurus in EmbaseTM on STN® Provide Earlier Access to the Latest Drug and Medical Terminology

The Emtree thesaurus in Embase on STN will now be updated three times a year. More frequent updates will provide you with access to current drug and medical terminology for your searching.

Additionally, the thesaurus is now current with updates from 2012. Key enhancements in the latest updates include:

  • 1,131 new drug terms and 1,682 new non-drug terms
  • All new 2012 MeSH terms
  • Reorganization of the Organism facet to better reflect current thought in phylogeny
  • 400 additional organism names
  • Changes to the Anatomical concepts, Biological functions, Diseases, and Procedures, Parameters and Devices facets
  • Elimination of the Psychological and psychiatric phenomena facet

For more information and access to the complete lists of new and changed terms per update, click here. Please review the current updates to determine if any of your saved searches or SDI strategies are impacted. Notification of additional Emtree updates will be announced in the Embase database banner.


Get More Experimental Property Data in CAS REGISTRYSM

The CAS REGISTRY now contains more experimental property data with the addition of more than 120,000 Wiley mass spectra and NMR spectra.

Watch for two more additions of experimental property data later in 2012, including 13C, proton (1H) and heteroatom (fluorine, silicon, phosphorus) spectra.


INPADOCDB: Enhanced Display Options

INPADOCDB has been enhanced with new display options, including the
new predefined formats PI.PDF and BRIEF.

The format PI.PDF provides hyperlinks to the original documents (PDF)
in ESPACENET for all members of the national family. This format can
nicely be combined with the new BRIEF format which includes
important bibliographic information (TI, AB, PAS, INS , PI, AI, PRAI,
patent classifications), being deduplicated for all members of the
application. The new BRIEF format is ideal for technology-based
searches and alerts.

It is recommended to use ‘SET LINELENGHT 100’ with the PI.PDF display format.



Search Tips of the Month


Truncation is useful to find variations of search terms, spellings, plurals and more. Left truncation is useful to find prefixes for search terms and requires at least four characters in the root stem. In the CAS REGISTRY database, both LEFT and RIGHT truncation (Simultaneous Left and Right Truncation (SLART)) are available for /CNS, /NTE and /ENTE search fields.
Read the full article.


Make the Most of Match Level ANY in CAS MARPAT® Database

The CAS MARPAT database contains searchable Markush structures indexed from the claims and disclosures of patents and patent applications. Structure searching in MARPAT often retrieves additional references not found in other structure-searchable databases. These additional references can help with patentability, freedom-to-operate and validity. Read the full article.



Simple search strategies for DOIs in the CASM/CAplusSM family of databases on STN

Enclosing the DOI in quotes eliminates any issues with the use of special characters, such as parentheses.

    Example:  S “10.1016/0300-9629(79)90020-3”/doi

Convert open and closed brackets ( “[“ and “]” ) into open and closed parentheses.

For complex terms, use EXPAND rather than SEARCH to ensure proper formatting.


Take Note

Revised DWPI Manual available

Our DWPI manual has been revised and updated. The new version is available here.


Keep Current with Weekly SDI Packages Now Available on STN

A new weekly SDI package on STN increases the timeliness of your current awareness and makes it easier to meet government reporting requirements for pharmacovigilance.

An SDI package combines multiple SDI result sets from different databases into a single, convenient delivery, regardless of individual database update schedules and SDI frequencies.

SDI packages save you time and increase your productivity with:
•    Automatic removal of duplicate records.
•    Convenient single delivery of packaged SDI results monthly or weekly.

For more information about SDI packages, type HELP SDPACKAGE (HELP SDP) at the arrow prompt.


Logoff with All the Info You Need

Are you aware of all the options you have for displaying session costs and history when you log off from STN?

Control which cost data displays when you log off using SET LCOST. Here are useful SET LCOST commands:

  • SET LCOST ON (default) displays the cost for the current database and the total session cost.
  • SET LCOST BRIEF includes a detailed display of the current database, a cost summary for each database and a cost summary and cost total for each cost center.
  • SET LCOST FULL is the most detailed format. It includes everything in BRIEF and a detailed cost for each database entered.
  • SET LCOST OFF suppresses the cost display.

SET LHISTORY ON provides an automatic DISPLAY HISTORY NOF (NO File) executed at logoff. This includes complete session history without database entry information. 

You can also add PERM when using the SET command to retain your LCOST and LHISTORY preferences beyond your current session.  Use DISPLAY SET CHANGED to remind yourself which SET options vary from their default value and whether any changes are permanent.


RSS Delivery of Alerts (SDIs) Enhanced with Hit Term Highlighting

Hit term highlighting is now available for all new and existing RSS alerts. When creating a new SDI, add this option by typing Y (for Yes) when prompted for highlighting. To remove or add highlighting to an existing SDI, use SDI EDIT followed by the name of the SDI. Select the number for the highlighting parameter and type N (for NO) or Y when prompted for highlighting.


SELECT Citations to Find Key Articles

An effective search strategy is to start with a highly cited article on your search topic and find references that are citing it.

SELECT CIT extracts bibliographic information and formats this information so you can easily find citing records. This command can be used in combination with the Citing Reference Count (/OSC.G) field to easily find highly cited articles in the CAplus database.

The SELECT command on STN extracts information from a search field and converts it into searchable E-numbers. To extract information from all records in an L-number (or a specified answer range):

1.    Create an answer set on the desired topic.
2.    Combine the L-number with a numeric range search in the /OSC.G field.
3.    Use SELECT CIT to extract reference information from desired articles.
4.    Search the assigned E-numbers to find citing articles.




Discover additional information on commands here.


Reminder: Access to STN from version of STN Express below 8.0 will be discontinued on August 31, 2012

To ensure an improved, more consistent user experience with newer features and maximized security for all STN sessions, we are discontinuing access from older versions of STN Express according to the following schedule:




Versions below 8.0

March 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

Versions below 8.3

August 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Versions below 8.4

December 31, 2012

June 30, 2013


You can upgrade for free at any time to the current version of STN Express, Version 8.5, from the STN Software License and Download website.


FIZ Karlsruhe's Holiday Search Service


Dear STN customer,

It’s summer holidays again. If you are suffering from staffing shortage and need support with your searches, the FIZ search service will be happy to assist you.

In order to get to know our range of services, please take a look at the following brochures:

FIZ Karlsruhe’s Search Service

Sequence search service

Searching for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Please contact us with your search questions. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice and a time and cost estimate.

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