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STNewsline June 2012 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • INPADOC – Recent Coverage and Display Enhancements
  • FSTA database reloaded
  • BABS, GMELIN97 and INIS removed from STN
  • Search DOIs in CA/CAplus on STN
  • Field Name Change in CHEMLIST® Database

Search Tips of the Month

  • Comprehensive Searching Using the CAS REGISTRYSM Locator (LC) Field
  • Thesauri on STN: A useful tool to help ensure comprehensive searching

Take Note

  • Get the Latest Version of STN Express, Version 8.5.1
  • Backfile records for SDI alerts on STN
  • How to find the RSS URL associated with an SDI alert profile

Meet us at

  • PATINFO 2012, Ilmenau, Germany

Database News

INPADOC – Recent Coverage and Display Enhancements

•    Update on Japanese Legal Status Information

The INPADOC legal status collection has been significantly enhanced with the addition of Japanese legal status data for Japanese patents and utility models. These data are currently available from June 2010 onwards and backfile data are continuously being loaded back to 2003. INPADOC comprises about 90 selected legal status events for Japanese documents, including
    pre-grant events (JPA-codes)
    renewal fee payment (JPFPAY code)
    registration information (JPR-codes, JPS-codes)
Trial information (JPT-codes) about appeals, oppositions and invalidations is not yet available.

•    Legal Status in original language available

INPADOC comprises the largest legal status collection worldwide, offering selected legal status data in English for currently 61 patent authorities.
The new legal status display format LSO (legal status original) in INPADOCDB provides the legal status code titles in the original German, French, Spanish, Dutch and some other languages.
List of legal status codes available in original language
You can use the new LSO in combination with the BIB display format in INPADOCDB.




=> S DE10164866/PN




AN    53298503 INPADOCDB ED 20070614 EW 200724 UP 20111007 UW 201140

TI      Abgabevorrichtung zur Abgabe von Wirkstofffluiden in die

          Spuelfluessigkeit in einem Toilettenbecken.



PI     DE 10164866          B4 20070614




AN    53298503 INPADOCDB



                   EXA Examination, Search Report



                       DE 10113036          P



                   EXA Examination, Search Report


20070614 DEAC         AUSSCHEIDUNG AUS

                       DE 10113036          P



                       ERHOBEN WURDE



                   NIF Lapses, Expiries, Withdrawals, Refusals




                       HENKEL AG & CO. KGAA, 40589 DUESSELDORF, DE

                   CHG Change of Owner, Inventor, Applicant




                   REI Reinstatement or Restoration



•    Enhanced coverage of US citation data

The coverage of US citation data has been extended to include examiner citations for US published applications (US A1 documents). This is a considerable advantage because citations of US documents are now available much earlier and more comprehensive than before. Previously, citations were only made available for US granted patents. Examiner citations of US A1 publications have the attribute PRS (pre-grant search) assigned indicating the source of citation.

FSTA database reloaded

The FSTA database was reloaded on May 19, 2012. Classification Codes are now indexed including their subsections. In case there are any classification codes within your search queries, you should adjust the search in order to cover all subsections, e.g. please change S A/CC to S A#/CC. To ensure correct retrieval, SDI queries including the /CC field need to be adjusted before the next SDI run on May 22nd. Enter SDI EDIT at an arrow prompt and STN will prompt you for all the information needed.

In order to display saved answer it is necessary to search the activated L-number of the saved answer set after the reload.

Other enhancements in the reloaded FSTA database:
-    The latest version of the FSTA thesaurus is available now.
-    Simultaneous left and right truncation has been added to abstract (/AB), and title (/TI) fields.
-    DOIs are available.
-    The Numeric Property search feature is implemented. Numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties (/PHP) in almost 400 unit variants are searchable in the basic index, title and abstract fields. Please refer to HELP NPS for more details.

For more details, please enter FSTA on STN and type in HELP RLOAD or contact your local STN customer support.

BABS, GMELIN97 and INIS removed from STN

Please note that on May 19, 2012, INIS, BABS and GMELIN97 databases were removed from STN. BABS and GMELIN97 were removed from STN at the request of the database producer, Elsevier Information Systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The content of BABS and GMELIN97 will become available again on STN when ReaxysFile on STN is reloaded at the beginning of Q3, 2012.

As alternative sources for INIS content, please consider the ENERGY, COMPENDEX, INSPEC databases on STN. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact your STN customer support.

Search DOIs in CA/CAplus on STN

Now you can search and display Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for approximately 12 million records in the CA/CAplus family of databases, including 75 percent of journal articles that have already entered CAplus in 2012. DOIs provide a permanent and unique identifier for retrieving full-text publications.

The availability of DOI information for specific records can be found in the FA field using DOI/FA or FTDOI/FA. Where available, DOI information is now automatically included in ALL/IALL and MAX/IMAX display formats at no additional charge.


Field Name Change in CHEMLIST® Database

CLP (EU Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulation) replaces EECDS (EEC Classification, Packaging and Labeling of Dangerous Substances) field name to more accurately reflect regulation changes.

The CLP field:

  • Indicates substances with standardized hazard classification and labeling information based on EU Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulation (EC) No.1272/2008 (CLP Regulation) or EEC Directive 67/548/EEC (Dangerous Substances Directive).
  • Is based on the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS).
  • Will replace both the Dangerous Substances Directive and the Dangerous Preparations Directive by 2015.

Search Tips of the Month

Comprehensive Searching Using the CAS REGISTRYSM Locator (LC) Field

Information professionals rely on STN for comprehensive substance searching across multiple databases. There are many ways to handle database crossover. When crossing over substances from CAS REGISTRY to CAplus, you want to retain all relevant answers. However, not all substances with a CAS Registry Number® may be indexed in CAplusSM (see indexing policies). In this example, we offer a best practice solution using the ANALYZE command to find patent and nonpatent records beyond CAplus that contain our substance of interest.
Read the full article.


Thesauri on STN: A useful tool to help ensure comprehensive searching

Search requests are often presented in the form of the effect of A on B, where A and B are terms representing concepts. Usually these concepts are described using a variety of synonyms. For comprehensive searching, it is recommended to include multiple synonyms in your strategy for each concept, as appropriate.
Read the full article.

Take Note

Get the Latest Version of STN Express, Version 8.5.1!

A new version of STN Express, Version 8.5.1, is now available. This maintenance release provides software updates and completes the integration of new full-text databases AUPATFULL, CANPATFULL and CNFULL on STN.

Please visit the STN Software License and Download website to download STN Express, Version 8.5.1.

For additional support, please contact the FIZ Karlsruhe Help Desk at


Backfile records for SDI Alerts on STN

Backfile records updated with new patent equivalents are eligible for SDIs on STN. Use either Update Date, Patent Family (UPP) or Update Code, Maximum (UPM) and ensure the elimination or exclusion of previously retrieved answers option is turned off.

How to find the RSS URL associated with an SDI alert profile

The URL can be found by displaying the saved SDI profile using DISPLAY PROFILENAME/S at the command line, where PROFILENAME is the name of the SDI profile of interest.

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