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Upcoming STN User Meetings

22 May  – Munich (Germany)
23 May  – Gothenburg (Sweden)
24 May  – Stockholm (Sweden)
30 May  – Manchester (England)
31 May  – London (England)
05 June – Milano (Italy)
18 June – Paris (France)
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Upcoming e-Seminars

15 May – Improved patent searching using DWPI Manual Codes on STN
24 May – Patent Search Types on STN
31 May – L’offre biomédicale sur STN
05 June – INPAFAMDB - Easy recipes for relevant results
21 June – INPAFAMDB - Easy recipes for relevant results
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CAS STN e-Seminar

26 June – Advanced Structure Search Techniques – Focus on Building Generic Structures
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Upcoming Workshops

21 June – Bioséquences
26 June – Polymères
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Chemistry/Bio Sciences/Pharmacy
16 May – Polymersuche in REGISTRY/CAplus
22 May – Anorganische Verbindungen in REGISTRY und CAplus
26 June – ReaxysFile

18 May – Recherchieren in STN Patentdatenbanken
23 May – Recherchen nach Patentklassifikationen (IPC, ECLA, USPC, FI/FTERMS, Manual Codes)
24 May – Von der Anfrage bis zum Recherchebericht – komplexe Recherchestrategien
25 May – Recherchestrategien aus Sicht eines Patentprüfers
12 June – Recherchieren im Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)
13 June – DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) – das WPI Struktursegment
20 June – Recherchieren im Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)
21 June – DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) – das WPI Struktursegement
26 June – Einführung in die Patentrecherche
28 June – Kann man Patente verstehen? Wie liest man Patente richtig?

STN Interfaces
23 May – Einführung in die Analyse und Visualisierung von Daten: STN AnaVist 2.0 - Neue Funktionalität und Inhalte
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22 May – Keywords and structure search in WPINDEX
12 June – Patents Search
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11 May – STN Basics
22 May – Citation searching on STN
25 May – STN Intermediate
05 June – STN Basics
19 June – STN Intermediate
21 June – Advanced Subject Searching on STN
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10 May – Reaxysfile and DCR for searching structures and reactions
21 May – STN Intermediate
22May – Structure searching in REGISTRY, basic course
23 May – Searching for formulations on STN
25 May – Reaxysfile and DCR for searching structures and reactions
28 May – STN Intermediate
29 May – Advanced Structure Searching
31 May – Derwent World Patents Index
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15 May – STN essentials
16 May – Raising the bar on STN standards
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STNewsline May 2012 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • DWPI Databases (WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX) Enhanced: Numerical Property Search Feature; more than 22 million records
  • The Eurasian Patent Organization Becomes 63rd Authority on CASM/CAplusSM
  • NAPRALERT Updated with More Natural Product Information

Search Tip of the Month

  • The Value of SUBSET Searching in CAS REGISTRYSM

Take Note

  • RSS Delivery for STN® Alerts (SDIs) is Now Available on STN
  • Add RSS delivery to existing SDI alerts
  • EXPAND in New Directions

Meet us at

  • Convegno AIDB 2012
  • Third China IP Forum and Innovation Exhibition
  • PATINFO - 34. Kolloqium der TU Ilmenau über Patentinformation

Database News

DWPI Databases (WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX) Enhanced: Numerical Property Search Feature; more than 22 million records.

An enhanced version of Derwent World Patents Index® is now available. For the first time, the new implementation of DWPI on STN offers the patent information searcher a unique numeric property search feature that allows for searching the numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties, found in the English text of all documents. Searchable properties and their respective base units comprise data like /SAR (Surface Area, m²), /CMOL (Molarity, Molar Concentration, mol/L), /DEN (Density, Mass Concentration, kg/m³), /MFR (Mass Flow Rate, Kg/s), /MM (Molar Mass, Molecular Weight, g/mol), /VOL (Volume, m³) and many more. The system will recognize 55 base units with 1,700 variants.

A search employing numerical property field codes will now be covering data from all fields comprising text in English language. A search for a physical property value will not only find hits in the text showing the exact value but will also include hits where the value is part of a given range (e.g. => s 10/cmol will find "at least 0.008 mol/l" or => s 45/deg will find "0 to 80 degrees"). Open ranges encountered in the database like ‘less than 100 degrees’ have been indexed as well and are routinely searched through. A search for a temperature in Kelvin units will also retrieve documents with the corresponding value (ranges) in Degrees Celsius or Degrees Fahrenheit units.

Search field codes and related text for all physical properties available for numerical property searches have been indexed in the /PHP search field. Details on the newly available search fields and units are listed under HELP NPS.
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The database now contains more than 22 million records.

The Eurasian Patent Organization Becomes 63rd Authority on CASM/CAplusSM

CAS enhanced its extensive patent authority coverage in CA/CAplus by adding the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO). EAPO (country code EA) is headquartered in Moscow and the 63rd authority covered by CAS.
Eurasian patent documents expand CAS’ already substantial coverage of the world’s major patent authorities. CAS actively continues to expand coverage, particularly from smaller patent authorities which would otherwise be largely inaccessible to many patent searchers.
Coverage of Eurasian kind code B1 is retroactive to February 27, 2007. The B1 kind code covers patents. Eurasian B1 patents are eligible to be covered as basics or added to existing patent families. Approximately 1,700 patents are expected per year including approximately 420 basic patents.

NAPRALERT Updated with More Natural Product Information

Get more information on natural products from the NAPRALERT (NAtural PRoducts ALERT) database on STN with the recent addition of content indexed between 2006 and 2011. NAPRALERT is also now part of the STN Fixed Fee Program.

The NAPRALERT database is a key source for bibliographic information on natural products, including information on the pharmacology, biological activity, taxonomic distribution, chemistry of plant, microbial and animal extracts, as well as ethnomedicine use records. This database is an excellent source for prior art in the areas of traditional medicine and natural products.

For more information about the NAPRALERT database on STN, please refer to the Database Summary Sheet.

Search Tip of the Month

The Value of SUBSET Searching in CAS REGISTRYSM

There are times when a structure search of the full REGISTRY database may contain unanticipated answers. These answers can be removed in many ways.
We show you an effective strategy that uses Molecular Formulas (MF) to create a more focused SUBSET of the REGISTRY database that does not contain the unanticipated answers.

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Take Note

RSS Delivery for STN® Alerts (SDIs) is Now Available on STN

STN alerts (SDIs) can now be delivered by RSS feeds. New RSS alert delivery on STN:

•    Allows you to easily distribute STN alert results throughout your organization to support critical research and business decisions.
•    Supports your workflow by seamlessly integrating with most commercially available RSS readers and custom applications, such as portals.

To set up a new alert for RSS delivery, just enter RSS as the method of delivery during the STN SDI set-up process. Existing alerts can be changed to RSS delivery using the SDI EDIT command. Alerts being delivered by RSS can also be delivered to specific email addresses simultaneously by including these addresses in the Optional Email IDs section of the SDI set-up. At the completion of the SDI set-up process, you will receive the URL for the RSS feed, which can be accessed by any standard RSS reader to display the results.

Add RSS delivery to existing SDI alerts

SDI EDIT provides an easy option to modify existing alerts including delivery method.

1. Enter the database(s) for an existing SDI.
2. To make the change automatically, enter SDI EDIT at the command prompt to assign a line number to each alert parameter.
3. Answer prompts for additional information as needed.
4. Use END to save the changes.
5. If RSS is selected as the delivery option, you will be provided a URL when you save the changes. Use this URL in your RSS reader to subscribe to this alert.



EXPAND in New Directions

Are you wondering what results you might get if you use left truncation?
Do you ever want to see what terms precede the term you EXPANDed on?

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