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18 May - STN Benutzertreffen, Essen
19 May - STN User Meeting, Stockholm
27 May - STN User Meeting, Amsterdam

10 June - STN User Meeting, Copenhagen
15 June - STN User Meeting, London
16 June - STN User Meeting, Manchester

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Upcoming e-Seminars

13 May - Patent Classification on STN (Part II)

01 June - Patent Classification on STN (Part II)
03 June - Sequence Basics
08 June - Sequence Basics

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13 May - Turning Up the Power of STN Express!
25 May - The Secret Life of CAS REGISTRY

10 June - The Secret Life of CAS REGISTRY
17 June - Techniques for Prior Art Searches
29 June - Find Pharmaceutical Information

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20 May - Biosequence searching
27 May - Structure searching

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07 June- STN Basics
08 June- Basic Patent
09 June- Derwent World Patents Index
10 June- News about Derwent World Patents Index
11 June- Biosequence searching

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25 May - STN Structure Searching
26 May - STN AnaVist

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06 May - Réactions chimiques
27 May - Biosequences

01 June- Introduction à STN
02 June- STN Express Introduction
29 June- Dictionnaire Chimique

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GERMANY, Chemistry / Biosciences / Pharmacy

19 May - DGENE Einführungsseminar
19 May - Anorganische Metallverbindungen in REGISTRY und CAplus
20 May - Physikalische Eigenschaften in REGISTRY und CHEMLIST
21 May - Einführung in CAplus und REGISTRY

16 June- Struktursuche für Fortgeschrittene
17 June- Generische Verbindungen in MARPAT
18 June- Polymersuche in REGISTRY und CAplus
23 June- DGENE Einführungsseminar

GERMANY, STN Retrieval Language
19 May - STN Aufbauseminar

01 June- STN Aufbauseminar
08 June- STN Kompaktseminar
15 June- STN Basisseminar
29 June- STN Basisseminar

GERMANY, STN Interfaces
20 May - STN Viewer

17 June- STN AnaVist 2.0
24 June- STN Viewer

GERMANY, Patents
19 May - Patentfamilien - Rechtsgrundlagen und Recherchen
20 May - Arbeitnehmererfindungen - Rechte und Vergütungen
20 May - STN Viewer
26 May - STN Patentdatenbanken

07 June- Derwent World Patents Index
08 June- DWPI Chemistry Resource
16 June- Marken: Rechtsgrundlagen und Recherchen
17 June- Geschmacksmuster: Rechtsgrundlagen und Recherchen
17 June- Rechtsstandsinformationen und Gesetzestexte zu gewerblichen Schutzrechten
24 June- Volltextpatentdatenbanken und STN Viewer
29 June- Einführung in die Patentrecherche
30 June- Kann man Patente verstehen?

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18 May - La ricerca nel REGISTRY mediante dictionary

16 June - Le ricerche semplici polimeri

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17 May - STN Intermediate
17 May - Basic Substance searching
18 May - Advanced text searching in Registry
19 May - Users' Meeting
19 May - News about Derwent World Patent Index
20 May - Polymer searching in CAS Registry
21 May - Biosequence searching

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The Netherlands

18 May - STN Basics
25 May - STN Intermediate

17 June - STN Basics
24 June - STN Intermediate

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STNewsline May 2010 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • CA/CAplus CLASS Display Streamlined with Removal of Pre-IPC 8 Data Fields
  • MEDLINE Coverage Is Extended Back to 1947
  • WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX - recent enhancements

Take Note

  • CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe Announce Plans for a New STN® Platform

Database News

CA/CAplus CLASS Display Streamlined with Removal of Pre-IPC 8 Data Fields

Pre-IPC 8 fields (ICM, ICS, ICA, ICI) have been removed from CLASS displays, including CLASS data displayed as part of the predefined display formats:

  • STD / ISTD

The data in these fields were redundant with those appearing in the IPCI field. The pre-IPC 8 fields are still available for searching and custom display for pre-IPC 8 patents (from 2005 and earlier). 

For additional information about these databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

MEDLINE Coverage Is Extended Back to 1947

The MEDLINE backfile has been extended back to 1947, adding an extra 63,839 records to MEDLINEs coverage. These records are not eligible for current-awareness alerts (SDIs).

For additional information about MEDLINE, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

For additional information about these databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX - recent enhancements

Coverage of China in DWPI
The Chinese patent office has made the following IP kind changes to the Chinese numbering system for the published data issued from 7th April 2010. The records included in DWPI from this date will reflect these changes to the patent kinds. There is no change to the number formats, only the kind codes are affected.

  • Granted Patents - will change from kind C to kind B for data published from 7th April 2010. Prior to April 2010 the patent kinds for granted patent publications were as follows: C for examined patents issued 1993 - 2010 and B for examined patents published before 1993.
  • Utility Models - will change from kind Y to kind U for the data published from 7th April 2010.

French Granted Patents

The coverage of France in DWPI will be enhanced at start of May 2010 with the inclusion of French Granted patents (FR B), to add to the existing coverage of French Applications in the file. The FR B's will be mainly equivalents within the DWPI patent family. The first records to be processed will be those published in January 2010, and these are expected to be included into DWPI Update 201029.

Read the full article
For additional information about these databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheets or STNGuide.

Take Note

CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe Announce Plans for a New STN® Platform

The STN Partners CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe would like to give early notification to their valued customers that a new STN platform is being developed.

The new platform will provide a more modern interface and product architecture, while maintaining the critical search power and high quality content for which STN has become known.  The new product will have many advantages, such as:

  • Better integration of analysis tools
  • Improved database content consistency
  • Higher system limits

The new platform will run in parallel with current STN services for a few years to provide a comfortable transition for users. 

Our development activities are being supported by an advisory council of global information professionals and thought leaders.  We will also reach out to additional customers to help us pioneer the development of the next generation of STN.

We will be providing additional information at various development stages.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your STN Service Center.

STN will continue to focus on delivering what customers expect:  precision and comprehensiveness; premium, value-add content; and exceptional customer support.

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