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02 Aug - MARPAT & DWPIM on new STN
10 Aug - Einführung in new STN
11 Aug - DWPI & DCR auf new STN
31 Aug - Polymer Searching on new and classic STN
14 Sep - STN Kompaktseminar

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28 Sep - STN Basics
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New STN Platform

Now Available! Highly Anticipated New STN® Enhancements, Including Export to Excel®, Increase Efficiency and Workflow Integration


The latest new STN release includes enhancements that increase efficiency and enable deeper IP workflow integration.

  • You can export CAplusSM and DWPISM  answers to Excel, facilitating the extraction of key information from new STN search results. The exported data integrates hit structures from CAS REGISTRYSM and DCR, along with Markush hit structures from MARPAT® and the Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM). Support for additional databases is expected later this year and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

  • New CAplus display options improve control and efficiency by letting you choose the level of detail you want to see when viewing summary search results. Dramatic advances in Markush assembly speed review and enhance understanding of MARPAT search results, achieving complete assembly for 94% of structure search answers and offering a 3X improvement over classic STN.

  • The addition of 18 new Derwent superatoms, including heterocycles, carbocycles, chains, metals and other moieties, enables more refined generic structure searches of the Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM).

  • The ability to specify roles for DWPI cross-file searches increases search precision.

Please see the "What's New" datasheet for more information about these and other new features and enhancements. A recorded presentation with search examples is also available to help you learn more about the new release.

The new STN platform is available to fixed fee customers, including those with Global Value Pricing and Search Services Value Pricing agreements. A number of resources, including a growing library of Quick Start Tutorials, are available on the STN training webpage and within new STN to help you get started. Please contact your regional STN Service Center or STN representative if you have any questions or comments.


Recorded Event: Comprehensive DWPI structure searching using DCR
and DWPIM on STN


In this recent recorded event, Brian Larner (Thomson Reuters) and Robert Austin (FIZ Karlsruhe) show how to retrieve and evaluate Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI℠) specific and Markush substance indexing using the Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) and Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) databases. Topics covered include how to search and explore results:

  • Simultaneously in both DCR and DWPIM
  • In-context as embedded hit structures within DWPI bibliographic records


This session is both an update for existing experts, and a useful introduction for those who are less familiar with the capabilities and coverage of the DWPI, DCR and DWPIM databases on the new STN platform.

Table of Contents

New STN Platform

  • New Release - Export to Excel®,  Advances in Assembly of MARPAT® Search Results, and Derwent Superatoms
  • Recorded Event: Comprehensive DWPI structure searching using DCR and DWPIM on STN


Database News

  • Latest Update to Emtree in STN Provides Expanded Terminology for Biomedical and Pharmacological Searchers


Search Tip of the Month

  • Techniques for Searching Multi-fragment Queries in New and Classic STN


Take Note

  • New FIZ Auto Doc Release includes Article-level Links to Open Access eArticles


Answers to Your Questions

  • Class Identifiers


Conferences and Tradeshows

  • Conference Overview: PIUG 2016 Annual Meeting

Database News

Latest Update to Emtree in STN Provides Expanded Terminology for Biomedical and Pharmacological Searchers

The May 2016 version of Emtree is now available in Embase and Embase Alert on classic and new STN! The Emtree thesaurus provides access to the  terminology of pharmacology, biomedicine and medical devices, and should be used for designing comprehensive yet precise searches.

The new Emtree version adds 858 new terms, including 146 drug terms (primarily chemical names for drugs and generic names for pharmaceuticals). The 712 new non-drug terms include the names of medical procedures, geographical names, language terms and Zika fever and Zika virus. The total number of preferred terms in Emtree is now 73,922.

STN customers running Alerts in Embase and Embase Alert are encouraged to review the vocabulary changes introduced with this new version of Emtree, and adjust their search strategies as necessary.

Lists of new and replaced terms introduced with the May 2016 version of Emtree are traditionally posted on the database producer’s web site.
Please visit
for their availability or contact the producer.

As a reminder, the January 2016 version of the Emtree thesaurus in classic STN introduced several types of new data:

Field Code: QA
Field Name: Subheading                  
Abbreviation - Two character subheading for medical and drug subheadings.

Example: PR/CT, for the term pharmaceutics.

Field Code: TYPE
Field Name: Term Type
Emtree controlled terms are classified as one of the following: disease term, drug term, device term or medical term.


Field Code: HNTE
Field Name: History Note
Includes creation date for Preferred Terms, plus additional history notes. May also include scope notes describing how the Preferred Term is indexed.

Field Code: NTYP
Field Name: Term Name Type
Applies to Preferred Terms only. Will be one of the following: MeSH descriptor, device trade name or drug trade name.

Field Code: EC
Field Name: Enzyme Commission
Numerical classification scheme for Number enzymes.

Example: EC

Refer to the updated Database Summary Sheets for Embase and Embase
for additional information on Emtree.

Search Tip of the Month

Techniques for Searching Multi-fragment Queries in New and Classic STN

Structure search queries sometimes include multiple required fragments, but you may not know exactly how the parts go together. How do you approach these types of searches? Learn more about searching for multiple substructures in CAS REGISTRYSM in STN to address this challenge.

Answers to Your Questions

Class Identifiers

Q: I just did a structure search and retrieved a large answer set. Is there any way to limit my result to only those substances that are considered polymers?

A: Yes, you can use Class Identifiers to limit your results to certain classes of substances. In this case, you would use PMS/CI.   

For more information on definitions of the various Class Identifiers, please click here.

Take Note

New FIZ Auto Doc Release includes Article-level Links to Open Access eArticles


FIZ AutoDoc is FIZ Karlsruhe’s fast, convenient solution for automatic full text delivery. We partner with many renowned international publishing houses and document providers and our offer ranges from journal articles to conference proceedings to patent documents and other full texts.


On June 14, 2016, a new FIZ AutoDoc release was launched with the following new content:

  • New Feature:  Links to Open Access Sources
    Within the scope of an Open Access Check, FIZ AutoDoc now offers article-level links to eArticles from more than 28,000 Open Access ejournals, if available. Benefits are, e.g., immediate availability of the document and attractive pricing (4.90 EUR in total).
  • FIZ AutoDoc as a document delivery service for users of XPAT®
    Users of XPAT® patent information system can now directly link to FIZ AutoDoc from their document view and easily procure the full text of a document via FIZ AutoDoc.

For more information please have a look at our “News” page.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Conferences and Tradeshows

Conference Overview: PIUG 2016 Annual Meeting


The PIUG 2016 Annual Conference was held May 21-26, 2016 in Vancouver, Washington, attracting nearly 200 delegates from around the world. The theme of this year's conference was "Patent Information: Our Continuing Quest for Quality." As one of the leading sponsors of the conference, STN representatives gave a number of presentations highlighting exciting developments in both classic and new STN during the plenary session and at the STN Patent Forum.

PatentPakTM in STN, was highlighted at the STN booth. PatentPak radically reduces the time spent acquiring and searching through full-text patents to find the vital chemistry within them. 

If you couldn’t attend PIUG this year, explore the following presentations to catch up on exciting news from STN:

Slides from other talks given during the conference are available to PIUG members on the PIUG web site.

Following the conference, many STN users attended the STN Patent Forum. Sessions included “What’s New?”, a review of recent and coming developments for the STN platforms, “Patent Classification and CPC Combination Sets on STN”, “Tips and Tricks for New STN” and “Tips for Searching Polymer Structures in CAS REGISTRYSM.”

The PDFs of these talks can be found here.

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