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10 Apr - STN References and other STN analyzing tools than STN AnaVist
11 Apr - STN AnaVist
16 Apr - Advanced STN Patent Searching
25 Apr - Chemistry Searching on STN 
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26 Mar - Polymères
04 Apr - STN Express
09 Apr - Brevets Introduction
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17 Apr - Advanced Structure Search in CAS REGISTRY
18 Apr - Suche nach generischen Verbindungen in MARPAT
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20 Mar - Multifile-Recherche
16 Apr - Kompaktseminar Basis/Aufbau
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22 Mar - Numeric Property Searching
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09 Apr - Dealing with Large Answer Sets 
18 Apr - Markush Searching in the Patent Literature
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09 Apr - STN Kompaktseminar
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STNewsline March 2013 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • 50th Anniversary of DWPISM
  • New Coverage of Indonesia in DWPI
  • 2013 MARPAT Backfile Expansion Update
  • JAPIO no longer updated - current JP patents in JPFULL


Search Tips of the Month

  • Find Sequences from Specific Organisms in CAS Registry
  • Searching MARPAT Using Element counts with Generic Groups


Take Note

    • New STN Platform Update
    • Older Versions of STN Express to be Discontinued


    Meet Us At

    • ISI 2013 – Internationales Symposium der Informationswissenschaft,
      Potsdam, Mar 19-22
    • PIUG 2013 Annual Conference, Alexandria, Apr 27 - May 02

    Database News

    50th Anniversary of DWPISM

    The Intellectual Property (IP) & Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, announced the 50th anniversary of Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM), its flagship, proprietary database that is the world's most trusted source of patent information. This announcement marks the start of a yearlong celebration in honor of DWPI, as well as the inclusion of the 50th data source in DWPI: Indonesia.  On this milestone anniversary, DWPI continues to provide professionals with authoritative, editorially enhanced patent data from 48 worldwide patent authorities and two literature sources.  

    Read more.


    New Coverage of Indonesia in DWPI

    The country coverage in DWPI has been further enhanced with the inclusion of records published by the Indonesian Patent Office from DWPI update 201309.

    This latest addition takes the authority coverage in DWPI to 50, further extending the global coverage of editorially enhanced content in the file.

    The new coverage of Indonesia in DWPI will include all Patent Applications and Short Term Patents (known as Simple Patents) published from January 2010 ongoing.
    Records identified as basics will have DWPI titles and abstracts and manual coding, with deep indexing for chemical records where applicable. The first records, from October 2012, appeared in DWPI update 201309, with the most recently published records being loaded first, followed by the backfile to 2010 over subsequent weeks. The backfile load is expected to be completed in Q2.

    The number formats for the new content in DWPI is shown in the table below:

    Publication Numbers

    Document Type

    DWPI Kind Code

    Raw Format

    STN DWPI Format

    (National or PCT)


    ID 2012/04344


    Simple Patent


    ID 2012/S/00200




    Application Numbers

    Document Type

    Raw Format

    STN DWPI Format

    National filing



    PCT filing



    Simple Patent



    Further details can be found in the DWPI Reference Center on the Thomson Reuters website.

    The coverage of recent patent publications from Indonesia is unique to DWPI. INPADOC has a unique coverage of Indonesian patent data from 1992 to 2002, including published patent applications (A-documents) and granted patents (B-documents).



    2013 MARPAT Backfile Expansion Update

    CAS continues to expand backfile content in MARPAT with unique information.

    MARPAT coverage includes:

    • 1987 coverage complete for English- and German-language patents and   in-work for Japanese- and French-language patents
    • 1986 coverage in-work for English-, German-, Japanese- and French-   language patents
    • 1985 coverage in-work for English-language patents and planned for   other languages

    To date, MARPAT includes backfile Markush information from over 4,400 patent publications.


    JAPIO no longer updated - current JP patents in JPFULL

    JAPIO, the patent database covering all unexamined patent applications in Japan (JPA-publications) since 1971, will no longer be updated  from March 2013 onwards. JAPIO will be kept as closed database for  the time being.

    For searching current information on Japanese patent publications, users of JAPIO are recommended to change to JPFULL, the full text patent database covering unexamined patent applications, granted patents and utility models in Japan. JPFULL had been released on STN in October 2012.

    JPFULL makes Japanese patent documents available about 10 days after publication, usually with all bibliographic information as well as machine translated abstract and full text. The bibliographic data is the same as in JAPIO with these additional fields: Patent Assignee Number, Related Patent Information as well as the CPC and EPC/ICO classifications. Title, patent assignee, and inventor are also displayable in Japanese characters.

    Abstracts in JPFULL are either machine translated or taken from equivalent documents if available. Machine translated abstracts of documents with kind code A are replaced by human translated text from JPO about three months later. The human translated JPO abstracts can be directly addressed in  searches and SDI/alerts by adding “(L)JPO/AB” to the query.

    Descriptions and claims are always machine translated. JPFULL offers a numeric property search, with numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties in almost 1800 unit variants searchable in all text fields.

    First page images of JP-documents can be viewed on INPADOCDB.

    Search Tips of the Month

    Find Sequences from Specific Organisms in CAS RegistrySM

    Search for the organism's name in the /CNS field in REGISTRY. Here is an example of a search looking for all sequences registered from the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster.





    Searching MARPAT Using Element Counts with Generic Groups


    MARPAT®, produced by CAS, contains nearly one million searchable Markush structures from the claims and disclosures of patent publications. MARPAT searching often retrieves additional references not found in other structure-searchable databases. These additional references can help with matters relating to patentability, freedom-to-operate and validity. In this month’s article, Searching MARPAT Using Element Counts with Generic Groups, we apply Element Counts with generic groups within a broad Markush structure to enhance precision in a MARPAT search.
    Read more


    Take Note


    New STN Platform Update


    STN is revolutionizing patent searching for professionals.

    The STN Version One beta release begins taking STN to new heights. Catch a glimpse of exciting advancements on the horizon in this video.

    Check out the recent article on new STN published in Information Today Newsbreaks.

    More New Platform Product News and Media Releases:


    Bookmark The New STN Platform webpage and check back from time to time as we will be providing additional information at various development stages.



    Older Versions of STN Express to be Discontinued

    To ensure an improved, more consistent user experience with newer features and maximized security for all STN sessions, support and software are now discontinued for all versions below 8.3.

    Please note that you can upgrade for free at any time to the current version of
    STN Express, Version 8.5, from the STN Software License and Download website.

    Software and support for versions of STN Express will be discontinued according to the following schedule:




    Versions below 8.4

    February 9, 2013

    June 8, 2013

    Support discontinuation = You may continue to use the software, but technical support and documentation for this version may no longer be available.

    Software discontinuation = Access to STN will no longer be possible with this version of STN Express.

    Whether you have already upgraded to STN Express, Version 8.5, or will
    be doing so in the near future, we want to make sure you get the support you need. Contact your local STN Service Center for assistance.

    Meet us at

    ISI 2013 – Internationales Symposium der Informationswissenschaft,
    Potsdam, Mar 19-22

    STN will be present at the ISI 2012 in Potsdam.


    PIUG 2013 Annual Conference, Alexandria, Apr 27 - May 02

    STN will be present with a stand and lectures at the PIUG 2013 Annual Conference in Alexandria.
    Please also note that there will be an STN Patent Forum on May 02.

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