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Upcoming e-Seminars

20 March – Introduction à Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)
22 March – Numeric Property Searching in STN Patent Databases
19 April - The Big Three on STN: CAplus, DWPI, and INPAFAMDB
24 April - The Big Three on STN: CAplus, DWPI, and INPAFAMDB
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Upcoming Workshops

15 March – Recherche structurale
27 March – Brevets Introduction
03 April – STN Express Introduction
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Chemistry/Bio Sciences/Pharmacy

13 March – Einführung in CAplus
14 March – REGISTRY-Grundlagenkurs
15 March – Struktursuche in REGISTRY


27 March – Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz
03 April - Einführung in die Patentrecherche
17 April- Volltextpatentdatenbanken auf STN und Evaluierung von Patentdaten mit Hilfe des STN Viewers
24 April- Einführung in die Patentanalyse
25 April- Markt- und Konkurrenzanalysen
25 April- Patentseminar
26 April- Patentstatistik in STN-Datenbanken
26 April- Patentportfoliomanagement

Engineering Information

21 March – Engineering-Informationen bei STN

STN Interfaces

17 April - Volltextpatentdatenbanken auf STN und Evaluierung von Patentdaten mit Hilfe des STN Viewers

STN Retrieval Language

27 March – Kompaktseminar
17 April - Kompaktseminar
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13 March – Structure Search in Chemical Abstracts
17 April - Structure Search in Chemical Abstracts - Advanced
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14 March – STN Basics
22 March – Advanced Structure Searching on STN
28 March – STN Intermediate
16 April – STN Basics
23 April – STN Intermediate
25 April – Legal Status Searching on STN
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08 March - Structure searching in REGISTRY, basic course
09 March – Biosequence searching
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STNewsline March 2012 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • Access More Than 32,000 Harmonized Tariff Codes Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®
  • REACH List of Registered Substances Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®
  • PCTFULL documents with non-Latin filing language enhanced with English machine translations
  • DWPISM - new HIT display format
  • US Application Numbers in DWPISM and DPCI 

Take Note

  • Improve your STN® AnaVistTM skills - Updating Your Concept Frequency
  • Update on New STN®
  • DGI Conferences in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Search Tips

  • Browse through answers the fast easy way
  • Searching for Symbol Variants of Drug Brand Names on STN®


Meet us at

  • Join STN at the IPI-ConfEx 2012 in Barcelona

Database News

Access More Than 32,000 Harmonized Tariff Codes Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®

You can now search the new Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC) field in the CHEMLIST database on STN. Other CHEMLIST enhancements include EU Customs Codes display in the HTC field and chemical names in more languages.

The CHEMLIST database now lists the HTC number assigned to a chemical substance by the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). More than 200 countries rely on HTC as a basis for customs tariffs and collection of international trade statistics.

The World Customs Organization maintains the HTC as part of an international cooperative effort to standardize import and export classifications on internationally shipped products.

Importing and exporting within the European Community requires the EU Customs Code that displays in the HTC field. The EU Customs Code is the tariff classification system used in the European Community's Combined Nomenclature, based on the HS.

As part of the addition of the HTC and EU Customs Codes enhancements, CHEMLIST now contains chemical names in the following languages, when available:
•    French
•    German
•    Spanish
•    Italian
•    Dutch
•    Portuguese
•    Finnish
•    Danish
•    Swedish
•    Lithuanian
•    Slovak
•    Slovenian
•    Czech
•    Estonian
•    Polish
•    Hungarian

Rely on CHEMLIST as your convenient, single source for identifying regulatory requirements for specific substances from many of the world’s most significant regulated substance lists.

REACH List of Registered Substances Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®

Find more chemical regulation information with the addition of the REACH List of Registered Substances in CHEMLIST on STN. REACH is the European Union (EU) regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). ECHA developed the list from registration dossiers provided by the chemical industry.

For substances on the REACH List, the CHEMLIST record will
•    Show this information in the Inventory (INV) field.
•    Include the EC Number, and if available, the submitter chemical name and corresponding CAS Registry Number®.

There are 3,878 substances in CHEMLIST on the REACH List of Registered Substances. The list will be updated when new information is provided from ECHA.

The purpose of REACH is to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals, while protecting the EU chemicals industry. The chemical industry is required to identify and manage risks linked to the chemical substances that are manufactured and marketed in the EU. 

The CHEMLIST database on STN (Regulated Chemicals Listing) offers one convenient source identifying chemical substances from more than 100 inventories and regulatory lists from around the world.

PCTFULL documents with non-Latin filing language enhanced with English machine translations
PCTFULL documents with a non-Latin filing language, i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian, were enhanced with descriptions and  claims in English machine translation for search and display.  The text in original language is displayable.

The following table illustrates the coverage and enhancements of the  non-Latin filing languages

Japanese -  almost 100,000 full texts added, coverage since July 2008
Chinese - over 6,300 full texts added, coverage since April 2011
Korean - over 13,300 full texts added, coverage since May 2001
Russian – almost 1,000 full texts added, coverage since January 2007

All descriptions and claims in the original filing language are displayable with D DETDOR and D CLMOR respectively. The English  translations display with Formats ALL, DETD and CLM etc.


Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) -  Closing in on the individual publications –
A new HIT display format

Individual publication information has been covered on STN since the DWPI reload in 2006. A new display format, HITMEMBer, is now available in the DWPI databases (WPINDEX, WPIDS and WPIX). The new format displays the individual publication(s) that led to retrieval. This display format comprises all data from the MEMB format for all individual publications where HIT terms occur.
Full article with example


US Application Numbers in Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) and Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI)
Read the full article


Search Tips of the Month

BROWSE through answers the fast easy way

Do you need an easy way to browse through large sets of answers to find the ones you need to keep?

DISPLAY BROWSE provides a quick way to scan through your results, find the best answers and tag them for further use. With DISPLAY BROWSE, you can:

1.    Change the default display format.
2.    Move easily to the next answer.
3.    Search for terms within a record.
4.    Move forward or backward within a record.
5.    TAG answers you want to keep.
6.    Use the SORT command to extract TAGGED answers from the answer set.


Searching for Symbol Variants of Drug Brand Names on STN®

Brand names for drugs can include trademark and registry symbols such as ®, TM or SM. You can search for a drug brand name using those symbols on STN.
Read the full article.

Take Note

Improve your STN® AnaVistTM skills

Updating your Concept Frequency in STN® AnaVistTM Projects

We already covered the basics about concept frequency and why it is important. Let’s suppose that you either are starting a new STN AnaVist project or have already created an STN AnaVist project and wish to see alternative Research Landscapes. In either case, you should take note of and possibly adjust your Concept Frequency setting.

To do this, simply select Preferences from the Tools dropdown within the STN AnaVist interface. Then select Research Landscape, as depicted below:


You can easily alter the Concept Frequency by placing your cursor on the slider and dragging it to the desired setting. Just click OK and your change will take effect.

You will see the current Concept Frequency setting for your project the next time you open STN AnaVist.


Update on New STN®

In October 2011, the STN partners announced that a completely new STN would be phased into the market beginning in 2012. This initiative was to start with an alpha release at the end of 2011, followed by continued customer consultation and product development.

We are pleased to confirm that we are on track with this plan.

An alpha release was provided to the STN Advisory Council members in December 2011, and has been used to date by nearly 100 patent search professionals. They have confirmed that the new platform provides important advances while retaining the value of STN and aligning with the workflow of patent experts.

An enhanced alpha version will be available by June. At that time, we will expand availability to additional customers who have requested early access to the new platform. 

Release of a beta version of the new platform to all STN fixed-fee customers is on track for the fourth quarter of 2012.


DGI Conferences in Düsseldorf

We would like to draw your attention to the following events:
2. DGI-Konferenz and 64. DGI Jahrestagung
Topic:  “Social Media und Web Science - Das Web als Lebensraum
Date:  22 – 23 March, 2012
Venue: Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf (Germany)


Meet us at

Join STN at the IPI-ConfEx 2012 in Barcelona

We'd like to invite you to join STN at the 2012 IPI-ConfEx where we will be featuring our products and services in the Exhibition Hall. Robert Austin, STN European Training Manager, will conduct a workshop on "Numeric Property Searching in STN Patent Database".

The 9th annual IPI-ConfEx, International Patent Information Conference and Exhibition, takes place at the Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona, Spain,11-15 March 2012.

Bringing together patent information’s thought leaders; IPI-ConfEx is the not-to-be missed meeting in 2012. Featuring outstanding speakers, interactive sessions, excellent networking opportunities and more! 

For further information, and to register, please visit

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