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15 Mar - Sequence searching on STN
16 Mar - Advanced multifile structure searching
17 Mar - Unified Markush structure searching
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22 Mar - Polymer searching on classic STN
30 Mar - DWPIM & MARPAT on new STN
06 Apr - Recherchieren in STN-Datenbanken
06 Apr - Einführung in new STN
19 Apr - Recherchieren in STN-Patentdatenbanken
19 Apr - Biosequences on STN Classic
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05 Apr - An introduction to new STN
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New STN Platform

Recorded Event: Structure Searching on new STN®           

Structure searching is essential for companies involved in drug development. Therefore, STN always strives to include more chemical structure databases. An important enhancement to our product portfolio was the launch of the Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) on STN at the end of last year (see STNewsline of Nov/Dec 2015). With the combination of DWPIM and MARPAT, STN now offers the first-ever unified Markush solution delivering comprehensive access to generic chemical structures disclosed in patents.

In this recent recorded event, Lora Burgess (CAS) explores the increasing number of databases that allow for structure searching of substances on the new STN platform, including the recently added REAXYSFILESub.  This session covers a variety of intermediate/advanced tips and tricks for building structure queries, and several examples of multidatabase structure searches on new STN.

Table of Contents

New STN Platform

  • Recorded Event: Structure Searching on new STN®


Database News

  • Emtree in Classic STN Updated for 2016 with Additional Thesaurus Fields and Expanded Terminology
  • MeSH Thesaurus Updated to Include Zika Virus Concepts


Search Tip of the Month

  • Creating Tables from New STN Results Using BizInt Smart Charts for Patents,
    Part 2


Take Note

  • Care and Maintenance of Your STN® Alerts
  • PatentPakTM  Information Now Available in Tables Created in STN Express® 8.6
  • Recorded event: Exploring GENESEQ™ (DGENE) on STN
  •  FIZ AutoDoc News


Answers to Your Questions

  • Are the PDFs retrieved via PatentPakTM in STN® searchable?

Database News

Emtree in Classic STN Updated for 2016 with Additional Thesaurus Fields and Expanded Terminology

The 2016 Emtree is now available in Embase and Embase Alert on classic STN! The Emtree thesaurus provides access to the terminology of pharmacology, biomedicine and medical devices, and should be used for designing comprehensive yet precise searches. The thesaurus now includes several types of new data (field code in brackets):

Subheading Abbreviation (QA) - Two character subheading for medical and drug subheadings. Example: PR/CT, for the term “pharmaceutics”

Term Type (TYPE) - Emtree controlled terms are classified as disease term, drug term, device term or medical term

History Note (HNTE) - Includes creation date for Preferred Terms, plus additional history notes. It may also include scope notes describing how the Preferred Term is indexed.

Term Name Type (NTYP) - Applies to Preferred Terms only. Will be one of the following: MeSH descriptor, device trade name or drug trade name.

Enzyme Commission Number(EC) - Numerical classification scheme for enzymes. Example: EC

In addition to the new data, this version of Emtree introduces 640 new terms:

- 124 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet)
- 516 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs)

Some of the new terms were added to maintain consistency with MeSH, the Medical Subject Headings Thesaurus used in MEDLINE. The total number of preferred terms in Emtree is now 73,127.

Emtree 2016 has been in use since the beginning of the new calendar year. STN customers running Alerts in Embase are encouraged to review the vocabulary changes introduced with this new version of Embase, and adjust their search strategies as necessary.

Lists of new and replaced terms (no terms were deleted in this edition of Emtree)

Additional information on Emtree is available on the updated Database Summary Sheets for Embase and Embase Alert.



MeSH Thesaurus Updated to Include Zika Virus Concepts

In February 2016, the 2016 MeSH Thesaurus in MEDLINE® on STN was updated to include two new MeSH headings related to the Zika virus:

  • Zika Virus Infection
  • Zika Virus

Indexing for the new headings began January 28, 2016, and existing MEDLINE records will be evaluated to determine whether either of these terms should be added. Search Zika Virus in the Basic Index of MEDLINE on STN, as follows:
=> S Zika Virus

Search Tip of the Month

Creating Tables from New STN Results Using BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, Part 2

With the recent release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents 4 (current version is 4.1.3), it is possible to use this popular software package to create customized tables of new STN search results. Read more on how to use Reference Rows to create reports based on common patent families and how the information in those reports can be customized.

Answers to Your Questions

Q: Are the PDFs retrieved via PatentPakTM in STN® searchable?

A: PatentPak patent PDFs can be searched using the Ctr+F command. For example, to go directly to the claims in a patent, you can use the Ctr+F function and search for “CLAIMS” (see below). This capability along with the PatentPak Interactive viewer which highlights the specific location of each indexed substance in a patent gets you to the information you need quickly and easily. You can then export a patent with or without CAS annotation mark-ups as a PDF document for further review and   analysis offline.


Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions about this search or any STN related searches.

Take Note

Care and Maintenance of Your STN® Alerts

Although we often set up alerts and forget them, it's a good idea to review them from time to time to ensure they continue to deliver valuable information to your desktop. Read more about key considerations when updating STN alerts including the delivery frequency, number of results and search strategy.


PatentPakTM  Information Now Available in Tables Created in STN Express® 8.6

PatentPak is a new time-saving workflow solution which enables you to find substance information in patents in less than half the time. This article provides an overview of PatentPak in STN and demonstrates how to create tables including PatentPak information using the Table Tool in STN Express 8.6. Read more.


Recorded event: Exploring GENESEQ™ (DGENE) on STN

In this recent Thomson Reuters and STN recorded event, Brian Larner (Thomson Reuters) and Rob Austin (FIZ Karlsruhe) explore the various value-added features and benefits of the GENESEQ database on classic STN.
GENESEQ (file DGENE) is an intellectually annotated database of protein and nucleic sequences indexed from the basic patent publications of the Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI℠) (file WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX). Topics covered include database  content and editorial policies, BLAST and Sequence Code Match (motif) search techniques, and post-processing results using STN Express. The recorded event provides a variety of practical tips, from preparing the query through to compiling search results into a final report. This session will be of interest to those new to GENESEQ or STN, and those who are experienced searchers, who would like a refresher and an update on the latest GENESEQ database news.

FIZ AutoDoc – documents all from one source!

FIZ AutoDoc is FIZ Karlsruhe’s fast, convenient solution for automatic full text delivery. We partner with many renowned international publishing houses and document providers and our offer ranges from journal articles to conference proceedings to patent documents and other full texts.

Please take note of the following FIZ AutoDoc News:

1. New document delivery e-mail addresses for FIZ AutoDoc suppliers TIB and CCC:

  • Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) started delivery from (instead of on January 4, 2016.
  • Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) started delivering from (instead of on January 22, 2016.

2. TIB as a new pay-per-view Supplier for e-Articles from IET

  • E-articles from 41 IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) e-journals can now be ordered and immediately downloaded from the servers of our partner TIB via FIZ AutoDoc (format: plain PDF).

Click here for more information.

Note to STN customers: You may also use your STN customer ID to log in to FIZ AutoDoc and to order documents.

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