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10 Mar - Introduction à STN
16 Mar - Intruduction à STN
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10 Mar - Einführung in CAplus
11 Mar - Einführung in REGISTRY
12 Mar - Struktursuche in New STN/Classic
17 Mar - STN Kompaktseminar
24 Mar - Suche nach anorganischen Verbindungen in REGISTRY und CAplus
25 Mar - MARPAT
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05 Mar - Polymer Searching CAS Registry and DWPI 
11 Mar - Sequence Motif Searches in CAS REGISTRY 
19 Mar - Dealing with Large Answer Sets
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New STN Platform

Major New STN® Release Delivers Essential Biomedical and Patent Content

The latest release of new STN was launched on February 8 with the largest expansion of content to date. Eight additional databases deliver significant and highly anticipated content, extending the benefits of the new STN platform to additional search types and a more diverse group of users. Highlights include:

  • Premier biomedical databases BIOSIS®, Embase™ and MEDLINE® add essential scientific information and broaden the scope of search activities to new areas of interest
  • Complementary life science databases FSTA and CABA address the information needs of searchers in the fields of agriculture and food science
  • Full-text databases CANPATFULL (Canada), FRFULL (France) and DEFULL (Germany) expand the new STN patent portfolio to offer users global full-text coverage beyond what is available on classic STN

Additional content and feature enhancements include:

  • Hit structure and hit CAS Registry Number® highlighting in CAplusSM records provides efficient review of cross-file search results with CAS REGISTRYSM
  • Seven thesauri accompany the release of biomedical and life science databases and include support for popular Term Explorer capabilities
  • INPADOC delivers extended patent family information that empowers new views and insight into patent families
  • Context-sensitive Help provides users with convenient, point-of-need links to pertinent information

See the  “What’s New” document for more details about these enhancements and other new features in this release. A recorded WebEx also provides more information.

Access to the new STN platform is available exclusively to customers with fixed fee agreements, including STN Global Value Pricing, STN Search Services Value Pricing, STN Fixed Fee and Thomson Reuters on STN Open Access License. Access is also available to STN Trial program participants.

Table of Contents

New STN Platform

  • Major New STN® Release Delivers Essential Biomedical and Patent Content


Database News

  • DWPI latest manual code revision goes live
  • Revision of DWPI Fragmentation Codes in 2015
  • Additional experimental spectra now available in CAS REGISTRYSM in STN
  • The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) database has been reloaded
  • 2015 MeSH Thesaurus Installed in MEDLINE with a Special Message for   Customers Doing Pharmacovigilance Research
  • Annual MEDLINE® Reload on STN® Features Enhanced Clinical Trial Information and the 2015 MeSH Thesaurus
  • Latest Version of Emtree Introduces 937 New Terms


Search Tips of the Month

  • Comprehensive compound searching: search by structure and substance names
  • A Strategy for Comprehensive MARPAT® Searches
  • Structure Overlaps and How to Avoid Them


Take Note

  • STN Search Service Value Pricing Now Available for Information Brokers


Conferences and Tradeshows

  • IPI-ConfEx, 8-11 March 2015, Rome/Italy

Database News

DWPI: Latest Manual Code Revision goes live

The Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) manual coding system annual revision for 2015 is now complete and is being used by the editorial teams to code records appearing in the database from DWPI Update 201501 onward. The editorial team consistently applies DWPI manual codes to new inventions across all 50 authorities covered in the database. Since the coding highlights the novel technical aspects of the invention as well as the application(s), it is extremely useful to improve the precision and recall of searches and the subsequent analysis of result sets.

As with previous revisions, the coding has been updated to:

  • Reflect changes in technology
  • Take into account suggestions for improvements
  • Enhance code descriptions and scope notes to improve the consistency of code application by the editorial teams and understanding of what each code covers
  • 2,040 changes have been made to DWPI codes, including 1,956 new codes, as well as the updating of existing Titles, Scope notes and/or Search terms

Major updates include:

  • 1,916 new codes have been introduced in the P & Q class coding hierarchy expansion
  • Several new sub codes for U14-H01E (Thin film transparent conductive layers) were included in the update following customer suggestions and discussions
  • Codes for CRISPR technology have also been included

The Coding Manuals and reference guides on the Thomson Reuters website have all been updated to include the changes. These resources are available at:

Additionally, users can provide suggestions for future manual code revisions by sending them to

Revision of DWPI Fragmentation Codes in 2015

The DWPI Section P Fragmentation codes, covering pharmaceutical and
agrochemical activity, have been revised and enhanced starting with
DWPI update 201501. The revision incorporates 65 new codes
suggested by customers and DWPI Editorial Analysts, and includes
new specific codes in existing hierarchies, plus codes for
new areas that have become important since the last code revision.

Examples of new Fragmentation Codes are:
P213 Anti-retrovirus
P618 Anti-cholesterol
P902 Osteoporosis
P951 Prion disease
P960 Personalised medicine

Read more.

Additional Experimental Spectra Now Available in CAS REGISTRYSM in STN

Effective December 2014, CAS enhanced its collection of experimental spectra in CAS REGISTRY. CAS added more than 15,000 Carbon-13 NMR spectra and more than 80,000 Proton NMR spectra to more than 70,000 unique RNs.

The new spectra were licensed from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. who obtained them from Sigma-Aldrich and the Specs Research Laboratory.

The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Database Has Been Reloaded

Effective December 2014, the MSDS database has been reloaded. Information in 61,256 records has been updated, as appropriate. An MSDS record includes occupational, environmental and regulatory data, as well as name, CAS Registry Number® and regulatory list number for pure substances, mixtures and pesticides, many of which are the most heavily used chemicals in the industry.


2015 MeSH Thesaurus Installed in MEDLINE with a Special Message for Customers Doing Pharmacovigilance Research

The 2015 MeSH Thesaurus is now available in the MEDLINE database.
The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) has summarized the changes
in the thesaurus with a variety of lists:

New descriptors - 2015
Changed descriptors - 2015
Deleted descriptors - 2015
New descriptors by tree subcategory - 2015

Special Message for Pharmacovigilance Searchers:

This is to inform you of a significant change to an important controlled term frequently used by pharmacovigilance searchers in their searching and SDIs. In the 2014 MeSH thesaurus, the term: DRUG-RELATED SIDE EFFECTS AND ADVERSE REACTIONS had 17 narrower terms. The 2015 edition of the thesaurus greatly expands the number of narrower terms to 76. Customers who include the term:


in their SDIs, but also in their day-to-day searches, may see an increase in the number of records retrieved compared to previous results. If you need to narrow your SDI search results, use SDI EDIT, replace DRUG-RELATED SIDE EFFECTS AND ADVERSE REACTIONS+NT/CT with C25.100./CT, or call your local service center for assistance.


Annual MEDLINE® Reload on STN® Features Enhanced Clinical Trial Information and the 2015 MeSH Thesaurus

The 2015 MEDLINE reload on STN was launched on January 25, 2015. The reloaded MEDLINE features the 2015 MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) thesaurus, which introduces 310 new controlled indexing terms. MEDLINE backfile records which included index terms deleted or changed for 2015 have been updated to reflect 2015 MeSH terminology. Key improvements introduced with the reload include:

  • More clinical trial information. The number of authorities for which abbreviated clinical trial authority names and clinical trial numbers are indexed, in the /FS and /NCT fields, respectively, has been expanded greatly
  • One click access to source documents, including full text in many instances, via complete Digital Object Identifier hyperlinks in the /DOI field. Similarly, the /AUID field now also provides complete hyperlinks allowing expanded author access information from ORCID
  • Multiple addresses per author, when provided
  • Information on Associated Datasets and Associated Publications in the /CM (Comment) custom display field, along with MEDLINE on STN Accession Numbers, as available


Latest Version of Emtree Introduces 937 New Terms

The January 2015 version of Emtree, the thesaurus used in EmbaseTM and EmbaseTM Alert (file EMBAL) adds 937 new terms (including 141 replacement terms and promoted synonyms) to Emtree as preferred terms:

  • 179 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet)
  • 758 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs)

Many of the new non-drug terms are organism names, especially bacteria and virus names. In total, Emtree now includes 70,954 preferred terms.

Further information on the latest changes to Emtree may be found on the Elsevier website.

Search Tips of the Month

Comprehensive Compound Searching: Search by Structure and Substance Names

The most comprehensive approach to find a specific compound, when you need to find all the patent and literature references, is to search by the substance names. This month's article provides an overview of different search methods.
Read more.


A Strategy for Comprehensive MARPAT® Searches

This article discusses a Markush structure search strategy for comprehensive searching in MARPAT to support Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) opinions.

The strategy will address following question: How do I capture patent publications containing generic structures without retrieving too many hits? Click here for the complete article.

Structure Overlaps and How to Avoid Them

Structure overlaps occur in classic STN and in new STN when there are two nodes that are extremely close to each other in the drawing window. Uploading and searching a structure containing overlaps may lead to incorrect search results. Click here to find out more about how to resolve structure overlaps.

Take Note

STN Search Service Value Pricing Now Available for Information Brokers

This new STN pricing option, exclusively for customers that operate a search service or act as an information broker, provides:
•    Access to the unique STN content collection and robust functionality
•    Fixed 12-month contract price
•    Access via all STN interfaces, including new STN

STN Search Service Value Pricing provides improved budget predictability, simplified administration, and allows you to focus on doing the best possible search for your clients rather than worrying about managing transactional search costs. In addition, you will have access to new STN. New STN offers a powerful, intuitive interface and provides key benefits for search service users, including:
•    Project-oriented workflow
•    Faster search execution
•    Enhanced search power
•    Unique features, including the Extended Patent Family Table

To learn more about STN Search Service Value Pricing and the new STN platform, contact your local STN representative or the FIZ Karlsruhe Help Desk.

Conferences and Tradeshows

IPI-ConfEx, 8-11 March 2015, Rome/Italy

IPI-ConfEx (International Patent Information Conference & Expo): Highlighting best practices in patent information management and searching techniques. Join IPI ConfEx, 8-11 March 2015, in Rome/Italy, for a cutting-edge program, live demonstrations, and exclusive peer-to-peer networking.

Get the latest information on STN and its products at our STN booth, our plenary presentation "Latest News from STN – Markush and More", and the workshop "Explore Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) on new STN". We look forward to meeting you at this year's IPI-ConfEx!

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