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STNewsline January 2013 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • DWPI Country Coverage Update – Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia
  • Emtree Thesaurus Updated in Embase


Take Note

  • Version One of new STN platform is now available in beta


2012 Year in Review


Database News

Thomson Reuters provided this news about

DWPI Country Coverage Update – Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

"Continuing with our commitment to provide additional value and content in Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), we are pleased to provide confirmation of the following enhancements:

Additional Malaysia Backfile

We commenced coverage of Malaysian grated patents (MY-A documents) at the end of 2010 starting with documents published in January 2010. We are pleased to announce that we have now sourced data back to the beginning of 2005, and this data has now started appearing in DWPI as of update 201277.  It will take several weeks before the load of the backfile data is complete.

Enhanced coverage of Thailand

Coverage of Thailand is being enhanced to include registration numbers.  These numbers are a five digit serial number and will be indicated with the patent kind code TH-R0.  They will begin to appear in DWPI in early 2013.

As part of this enhancement, we will also be changing the publication date that is currently used for TH applications in DWPI. This publication date will now be the actual publication date of the patent application rather than the date of publication of the registration number as at present.

The publication dates for Thai patent applications can be over 10 years old and these are now starting to appear in DWPI.

New coverage of Indonesia – the 50th data source in DWPI

In early 2013, we will commence coverage of Indonesian applications (national and PCT transfers) and Simple Patents from 2010 to date. This marks the 50th data source in DWPI (48 patenting authorities, Research Disclosures and International Technology Disclosures)

Coverage will include DWPI titles and/or abstracts with CPI/EPI manual coding and chemical indexing for new basics.

Publication Numbers

Document Type

DWPI Kind Code

Raw Format

DWPI Format

Application (National or PCT)


ID 2012/03047 A


Simple Patent


ID 2012/S/00159 A


Application Numbers

Document Type

Raw Format

DWPI Format

National filing


2011-ID-P00804 A2

PCT filing


2012-ID-W00850 A2

Simple Patent


2012-ID-S00070 A2"

Emtree Thesaurus Updated in Embase

The first update in of 2013 to Emtree, the Embase thesaurus, was completed on December 16, 2012. This latest thesaurus version features:
•    161 new drug terms
•    896 non-drug terms
There were 513 new preferred terms and synonyms added to Emtree's devices branch.

Customers running SDIs in Embase may wish to consult the new thesaurus to determine if the search terms in their strategies need to be updated.


Take Note

Version One of new STN platform is now available in beta

Version One of the new STN platform is now available in beta for fixed fee customers. This is the first major milestone in a multi-year initiative to create the next generation of STN, the choice of patent experts.

  •     Chemistry and general technology research
  •     Intellectual property, such as basic novelty and prior art
  •     Due diligence
  •     First pass freedom to operate.

A new approach for STN is to allow organization of work in projects for easy management of search queries and results. New technologies are designed to process broad and complex searches with industry-leading performance. The new workflow integrates the power of command line with an intuitive interaction that enables professionals to leverage their expertise and realize instantaneous results. For the first time, text and structures can be combined in a single query to simplify searching for chemical information. The STN Partners will incorporate additional content and functionality in the new architecture with ongoing versions. Full text patent content will be added throughout 2013. The current STN system, including STN Express® and the other STN products will continue to be available and fully supported throughout the development of the new platform.

Read more

2012 Year in Review

•    Rolled-up IPC Core Codes removed from Patent Databases on STN
•    IFICLS Updates Resume on STN
•    Structure Graphics Have Been Added to Abstracts for MARPAT® and CASM/CAplusSM on SciFinder® and STN®
•    Removal of ITRD and PATIPC databases from STN®

•    Latest Manual Code Revision goes live in Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI®)
•    IFICLS Updates Resume on STN®  - change of dates
•    New format RE displays citations of patent and non-patent literature from INPADOCDB in Patent Full-text Files
•    INPADOC databases enhanced with Japanese Patent Classifications, current US Classification, and Japanese legal status
•    MEDLINE Reload - Updated MeSH Vocabulary and Two New Fields on STN®

•    Access More Than 32,000 Harmonized Tariff Codes Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®
•    REACH List of Registered Substances Now in CHEMLIST® on STN®
•    PCTFULL documents with non-Latin filing language enhanced with English machine translations
•    DWPISM - new HIT display format
•    US Application Numbers in DWPISM and DPCI

•    STN adds Chinese patent full text file – CNFULL - including Numeric Property Search
•    RTECS Database on STN® Enhanced with Aquatic and In Vitro Exposure Toxicity Data
•    MARPAT® Database Enhanced with Additional Markush Backfile Content for STN®
•    Technology and management database (TEMA) – Backfile added
•    Various enhancements to STN databases

•    DWPI Databases (WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX) Enhanced: Numerical Property Search Feature; more than 22 million records
•    The Eurasian Patent Organization Becomes 63rd Authority on CASM/CAplusSM
•    NAPRALERT Updated with More Natural Product Information

•    INPADOC – Recent Coverage and Display Enhancements
•    FSTA database reloaded
•    BABS, GMELIN97 and INIS removed from STN
•    Search DOIs in CA/CAplus on STN
•    Field Name Change in CHEMLIST® Database

•    Launch of new PQSciTech Database
•    Reload of ReaxysFile™ on STN
•    AEROSPACE reloaded
•    ENCOMPPAT/2 Databases Reloaded
•    More Frequent Updates to the Emtree Thesaurus in EmbaseTM on STN®
•    Get More Experimental Property Data in CAS REGISTRYSM
•    INPADOCDB: Enhanced Display Options

•    USAN 2012 Reload Now Available on STN!
•    Get More Current Reaction Information with Daily Updates to CASREACT® on STN

•    Reload of METADEX – effect on SDIs and saved answers
•    Expanded Embase® Database Coverage on STN® Includes More Biomedical and Pharmacological Content from Conferences
•    INPADOC: legal status for Peru is now available

•    JPFULL - Japanese Patent Full-Text Database New on STN
•    MARPAT Backfile Expansion Update
•    INSPEC Reaches 13 Million Records
•    Embase’s Emtree Thesaurus Updated

•    INPADOC: The new Cooperative Patent Classification is now available
•    DWPI Country Coverage Update
•    Reload of AGRICOLA – Effect on SDIs, Manual Profiles and Saved Answers
•    Reload of IMSPATENTS – Effect on SDIs, Manual Profiles and Saved Answers

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