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05 October - STN Basics
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08 October - Reaction Searching in CASREACT
09 October - Advanced Subject Searching in CAplus
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22 September – STN Suchsprache
24 September – STN Follow up
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16 September – STN Basic Commands
17 September – DWPI
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08 September – STN Basics
15 September – CAplus
17 September – STN Update
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STNewsline September 2009 - Table of Contents

Database News

  • CA/CAplus enhanced with legal status information for U.S. patents
  • COMPENDEX: Corporate Source (/CS) field has been re-indexed
  • ENCOMPLIT/ENCOMPLIT2 reloaded and enhanced
  • EPFULL: STN offers full texts of European patents back until the beginning of the European Patent Office
  • Manual Code Revision

Take Note

  • Upgrade today to STN Express, Version 8.4! 
  • Working with patent families is now easier 
  • Time limit for inactive STN sessions doubles to 40 minutes
  • DGI Online-Tagung und Frankfurter Buchmesse 2009

Database News

CA/CAplus enhanced with legal status information for U.S. patents

Legal status information for patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) back to 1980 has been added to the CA/CAplus family of databases. The information is available in records for:

  • U.S. patents
  • Non-U.S. patents that have a U.S. patent equivalent

A new Legal Status U.S. Patent (LSUS) display format includes information on all assignment and reassignment events:

  • Reassignment Date (RAD)
  • Reassignment Update Date (RAUP)
  • Reassignment Kind (RAK)
  • Patent Assignee, Original (PAO)
  • Reassignment Execution Date (RAXD)
  • Reassignment Company (RAC)
  • Reassignment Agent (RAA)
  • Microfilm Reel Number of the document at the USPTO (MRN)
  • Microfilm Frame Number of the document at the USPTO (MFN)

Display formats that include Patent Information (PI) and Priority Application Information (PRAI) now include a message that indicates when the new legal status information is available for display.

Accessing citing references in CAplus quickly and easily
Need to keep track of who is citing your company's patents? Want details about the journals and patents that cite a document? Interested to know who is citing your work?

With new citing references features in CAplus and STN Express, Version 8.4, you can get these answers quickly and easily...
Read the full article
For additional information about CAplus, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide.

COMPENDEX: Corporate Source (/CS) field has been re-indexed

Due to customer requests we have re-indexed the /CS field in COMPENDEX.  Author names have been removed from the index so that only company names are available for SEARCH and SELECT in field CS.

The DISPLAY has not been changed; author names and their associated affiliations are still shown.

For searching author names and associated affiliations please use the (P) operator, e.g.,

For additional information about COMPENDEX, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide.

ENCOMPLIT/ENCOMPLIT2 reloaded and enhanced

EnCompass Literature File (ENCOMPLIT/ENCOMPLIT2) has been reloaded with several enhancements. The databases cover the nonpatent literature of the petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas, and energy industries. Enhancements include:

New fields provide additional search, display, select, and sort capabilities: 

  • Country of Publication (CY)
  • E-mail Address (EML)
  • International Standard Document Number (ISN)
  • Journal Title, Abbreviated (JTA) - custom display format
  • Journal Title, Full (JTF) - custom display format
  • Meeting Date (MD)
  • Meeting Location (ML)
  • Meeting Organizer (MO)
  • Meeting Title (MT)
  • Meeting Year (MY)
  • Number of Report (NR)
  • Publisher (PB)
  • Summary Language (SL)

Existing fields provide new content or functions:

  • Abstracts (AB) are separately searchable.
  • Authors are linked to organizations (AU.CS) in new records (April 27, 2009 to the present).
  • Entry Date (ED) and Update Date (UD) are displayable.
  • Field Availability (FA) posting is supported for most fields.
  • Stopwords are indexed in the Basic Index (BI) and Title (TI) fields.

Simultaneous left and right truncation (SLART) is now available for these search fields:

  • Basic Index (BI)
  • Abstract (AB)
  • Supplementary Term (ST)
  • Title (TI)

DISPLAY SCAN allows you to display randomly selected answers from an answer set at no charge.  DISPLAY SCAN shows the following fields per record, as available:

  • Title (TI)
  • Classification Code (CC)
  • Controlled Term (CT)
  • CAS Registry Number (RN)
  • Linked Terms (LT)
  • Template Available (ATM)

For more information, enter HELP DSCAN at an arrow prompt(=>) in the database.
Fees for certain display and print formats have changed.  For price information, enter HELP COST at an arrow prompt (=>) in the database.   

For additional information about ENCOMPLIT/ENCOMPLIT2, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide.

EPFULL: STN offers full texts of European patents back until the beginning of the European Patent Office

The EPFULL file on STN offers access to patent applications and granted patents published by the European Patent Office (EPO). Through the implementation of additional full text information for early EPO publications full text coverage of the database has been significantly improved. Almost the complete collection of documents published by the
EPO since its beginnings is available for full text searches now.
Read the full article

For additional information about EPFULL, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide.


Following customer requests Utility Model publications in the Derwent World Patents Index (files WPIDS, WPINDEX, WPIX) are now additionally being indexed with the document type 'P' for 'Patent'. This enhances the applicability of uniform search strategies to multifile environments encorporating DWPI on STN.

For additional information about DWPI, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STNGuide.

Manual Code Revision

Thomson Reuters is asking for customer input for the 2010 manual code revision of the Electrical Patents Index (EPI) and Chemical Patents Index (CPI) Manual Codes..

Read more

Take Note

Upgrade today to STN Express, Version 8.4! 

These days everyone is being asked to "do more with less."  STN Express, Version 8.4, was designed to help by increasing efficiency in searching and post-processing. The software is free to all STN users. 

Read more

Working with patent families is now easier 

Patent Family Manager, available with STN Express, Version 8.4, lets you complete multistep processes with a single click.  Quickly extract the first member from each patent family or customize the display of your results... 

Read more

Time limit for inactive STN sessions doubles to 40 minutes

If workplace interruptions are causing you to encounter the 20-minute inactivity disconnect from STN, we have a solution - a longer timeout period before your session is logged off.
Currently, you have 20 minutes of inactivity before the LOGOFF command disconnects you.  Now you have double that time limit - 40 minutes - before your session times out.

DGI Online-Tagung und Frankfurter Buchmesse 2009

„Generation international - die Zukunft von Information, Wissenschaft und Profession“ ist das Thema der diesjährigen Online-Tagung der DGI vom 15. bis 17. Oktober auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse. Das DGI-Tagungsprogramm wird flankiert von diversen Veranstaltungen, die sich an speziellen Teilnehmerinteressen orientieren. Mitarbeiter von FIZ Karlsruhe beteiligen sich an verschiedenen Programmpunkten.

Alle Informationen zur DGI Online-Tagung 2009 finden Sie auf der Website der DGI.

FIZ Karlsruhe präsentiert STN International und seine weiteren Dienste auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse vom 14. bis 18. Oktober 2009 in Halle 4.2 an Stand K432.

Patentspezialisten treffen sich am Nachmittag des 15. Oktober 2009 in Frankfurt beim "STN Erfahrungsaustausch Patente". Diese Veranstaltung bietet die Möglichkeit, sich über Neuigkeiten im Bereich Patentinformation bei STN zu informieren. Das Programm finden Sie hier.

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