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STNewsline (sm) 12/2006 - European Edition - 23 October 2006


FIZ Karlsruhe and Thomson Scientific, a business of The Thomson Corporation, announced today the launch of the enhanced version of Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) on STN International. DWPI from Thomson Scientific is the world renowned database of value-added patent information.

The DWPI database has been updated to offer the patent information searcher a broader view of global patenting activity. The enhanced DWPI database provides new value-add content and original patent data and a new two-part structure to facilitate access to the vast data found in DWPI.

"Together with our partner Thomson Scientific, we are delighted to launch the new Derwent World Patents Index file on STN", said Dr. Rainer Stuike-Prill, vice president Marketing and Sales, FIZ Karlsruhe. "STN customers will greatly benefit from the additional content and the new record structure, enabling even more precise searching and thus giving them greater insight into their areas of specific interest."

Specific new information that is available through the enhanced DWPI database includes:

  • Over 750,000 Documentation Abstracts (1995-1999)
  • Additional chemical structure indexing (Chemistry Resource) backfile
  • New first-level data, such as original patent titles and abstracts, full names of inventors and associated addresses, and patent agent information
  • Coverage of USPTO national patent data classifications

Additionally, DWPI database records now have a brand new two-part structure - Invention and Members. The Invention level comprises traditional DWPI content, such as patent family and enhanced abstracts. The Members level provides new additional information from each of the publications listed in the patent family portion of the patent record. This new structure is designed to make records easier to access and use.

Other enhancements include the removal of stop words, and SLART (Simultaneous Left and Right Truncation) is available in most text fields. The new sub-sections on each patent family member can be individually searched - providing a wealth of additional opportunities for more selective searches.

"Thomson Scientific is committed to supporting patent researchers worldwide, and with our partner, STN, we are pleased to offer this enhanced version of DWPI,” said David Brown, executive vice president of corporate markets, Thomson Scientific. "This enhanced file extends the functionality, content breadth and performance of the file, and strengthens the DWPI position as the world’s foremost patent resource.”



Great care has been taken to ensure that existing use of DWPI is undisrupted, while at the same time offering new ways to display and retrieve the enhanced database content.

  • New record structure, two levels of data (Invention and Members) are available within the database for each record:
    • The Invention Level (or patent family) comprises the traditional Derwent content
    • The Member Patent Level (or publication) allows users to search and display bibliographic data and general indexing information associated with individual documents that make up the patent family Invention Level
  • Additional value-added data - text-searchable archival abstracts indexed in the Basic Index which enhances retrieval
  • Additional first-level data
  • IPC Reform
  • New search options, e.g. USPTO national patent classifications, more search fields with simultaneous left and right truncation, no stop-words any more
  • New enhanced display and download options
  • Enhancements to established DWPI features



Saved answer sets from the old version of DWPI will be still available for activation in the new DWPI. Highlighting will not be available for display KWIC or HIT in the new file from answer sets generated in the former DWPI database.Unless you wish to add the new DWPI content, there is no need to edit or update SDI queries. SDIs will continue to run, and the histories of previously retrieved documents are preserved.  Familiar DWPI display formats are still available and have not changed substantially.PRICINGPrices have not changed. The new Member data elements will be charged the same price as their respective invention data counterparts. If multiple elements from Invention and Member data are displayed together (in one command), they are only charged once.For instance, the display of AB, ABDE, ABEN, ABFR, and CLM for one answer will be billed as a single abstract (AB). However, the display of Member (original) data only, such as ABDE, will be billed the same  as a display of AB.There are two major predefined formats for Member data: MEMB and MEMBF.  MEMBF shows all publication level data available for a given record.  MEMB shows the original data for each member that is additional to the data in the invention part and is priced as the ALL format. A display of ALL MEMB in one command is charged the price of one ALL format per record.For example, D ALL MEMB shows the invention record plus additional original data for each member publication and costs the same as ALL (in WPIX EUR €2.04; USD $1.95).

The revised WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX Database Summary Sheets are in STNGuide and on the Web on our Database List.



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