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STNewsline (sm) 6/2002 - European Edition - 6 June 2002


Dear STN customer,

Today FIZ Karlsruhe celebrates its 25th anniversary. The goal set on FIZ Karlsruhe´s inception on June 6th, 1977 was to provide research in science and industry with high-quality information that could be swiftly used by customers. While pursuing our goal during these 25 years, we had to keep up in speed with the fast technological developments and hence changing information needs. The introduction of PCs and online networks has led to a dramatic change in the domain of scientific information and documentation. Today, FIZ Karlsruhe has gained a leading position in the international market as part of STN International and has become a competent and reliable partner for science and industry in all questions relating to information provision and processing. I would like to thank all of our customers, cooperation partners, and suppliers for their trust in our company and their long-standing partnership. We are ready to continue and mutually pursue this successful path.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Georg F. Schultheiss
General Director FIZ Karlsruhe


Robert J. Massie
Director, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS):
Much has changed over the past twenty-five years in the world´s social, political, and technological arenas. And yet the mission of FIZ Karlsruhe and our mutual commitment to make sci-tech information more widely available is as crucial today as it has ever been. STN International grew out of an idea that was boldly ambitious for its time -- a global network that would provide seamless access to a disparate collection of databases stored on different continents. To make this vision a reality, FIZ Karlsruhe demonstrated not only admirable technical competence but also courage and adaptability in the face of new challenges. Today we are honored to join you in celebrating, along with your anniversary, STN's standing as the premier information network for science and technology. To all our friends in Karlsruhe, we once again offer our warmest congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes for continued success in the years ahead.

Kazuki Okimura
President, Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST):
It is my great pleasure to express sincere congratulations on behalf of JST on this celebratory occasion marking the 25th anniversary of FIZ Karlsruhe. FIZ Karlsruhe has highly encouraged the advancement of science and technology in the world for these 25 years, by playing an extraordinary role in distributing indispensable scientific and technological information to many scientists and researchers not only inside Germany and Europe but all over the world as well as Japan. Partnership between FIZ Karlsruhe and JST through STN spanning recent 15 years have brought about active interactions and have firmly established mutual trust between two organizations. This is a great treasure for both organizations. With our best wishes for further prosperity of FIZ Karlsruhe, we are placing our great expectation on the further consolidation of our close relationship in the years ahead.

Hideaki Chihara, President
Osamu Suzuki, Executive Director
Japan Association for International Chemical Information (JAICI):
FIZ Karlsruhe has made invaluable contributions to STN by introducing a large number of ´must´ files and by developing new ideas and services for STN. Twenty-five years of FIZ history is a glory, having firmly established the fame of renowned information service worldwide. The President, the Executive Director, and all staff of JAICI send hearty greetings and congratulations to you all in proud of being able to send the message. We all look forward to continuing the never-better relationship between our organizations.

Mark Houghton
Director IP, Derwent Information:
During the last 10 years Derwent has been honoured to work closely with FIZ Karlsruhe to develop sophisticated online databases to meet the complex needs of the intellectual property and scientific community around the world. FIZ Karlsruhe has been instrumental in raising the functionality and profile of all Derwent's databases to new levels. For example the FIZ Karlsruhe implementation of the Derwent Drug File on STN was the first to offer a fully structure-searchable online capability. The Derwent Chemistry Resource was released commercially for the first time allowing seamless chemical structure searching within the Derwent World Patents Index. Genetic sequence homology searching was introduced on STN for the first time within the Derwent DGENE file. Many other notable achievements could also be listed. Derwent looks forward to continuing this long and successful partnership with FIZ Karlsruhe and the STN platform in the coming years and is confident that with our continuing close co-operation we can continue to meet the diverse needs of users in the 21st century.

Ingrid Rolfes
IP Intellectual Property, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG:
Electronic dissemination of specialized information has been substantially influenced by former INKA online service and STN International. However, in the information era services such as library services, full-text supply, search service and further IT services should not be missing. FIZ Karlsruhe has been a pioneer in many sectors of the information society. Customers from industry, the service sector, research institutes, and universities know that they can count on FIZ Karlsruhe as a reliable and strong business partner.

Stefano Caporusso
Leader, Content Information Procurement
Business Intelligence Center, Dow Europe:
FIZ Karlsruhe, as European Service Center of STN, is a long-standing business partner of The Dow Chemical Company. For many years STN has been one of the most important and respected sources of scientific and technical information for the Dow Chemical Company. Dow has long valued the quality and reliability of the products offered as well as the highly professional and ethical work relationships existing between our two companies. The Dow Chemical Company would like to congratulate FIZ Karlsruhe on its 25th Jubilee Year and looks forward to a long and successful work collaboration.



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