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June 2015

Neues Zeolith kann mehr Wärme speichern

June 2015

Stabiles Netz trotz flexibler Einspeisung

May 2015

Windenergie-Anlagen rütteln und schütteln

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TIB as a new pay-per-view Supplier for e-Articles from IET

13. January 2016

FIZ AutoDoc now offers a pay-per-view option for e-journal articles from IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology), with whom our cooperation partner Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) has direct contracts.

  • E-articles from 41 IET e-journals can now be ordered and immediately downloaded from the servers of TIB via FIZ AutoDoc.
  • If your ordered document is electronically available on the full-text server of TIB, the corresponding link is generated. You may then purchase the document in original quality without hard DRM via TIB using the "Purchase Now" button. As usual, the costs for the full-text document will be displayed during the ordering process and added to your monthly FIZ AutoDoc invoice.

Order details page for a IET document to be downloaded via TIB (delivery format: PDF / immediate)

  • Benefits: Immediate availability of the document, best quality, no hard DRM, lower priced than documents ordered via classic document suppliers.
  • Other scientific publishers with whom we have direct contracts are: ACS, Bentham, Elsevier, Future Science Group, Informa Heathcare, Karger, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Oxford University Press, Springer, Thieme, and Wiley. With the additional offering of immediate download options via Technische Informationsbibliothek (incl. Taylor&Francis, RSC, IEEE, AIP etc.), the FIZ AutoDoc pay-per-view option is now available for e-articles from more than 10,000 e-journals!