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New Feature: Links to Open Access Sources

14. Juni 2016

The number and importance of research articles published in Open Access scientific and scholarly journals are constantly growing and cannot be ignored (1) . FIZ AutoDoc has responded to this market situation and further improved its system workflow by integrating an automatic Open Access verification step.

Within the scope of this Open Access Check, FIZ AutoDoc now offers article-level links to eArticles from more than 28,000 Open Access ejournals, if available.



By integrating Open Access content directly into our system workflow, FIZ AutoDoc becomes your one-stop-shop for traditionally published literature and for eArticles published as Open Access:

  • Processing speed: Immediate availability of the document through direct link to the Open Access eArticle
  • Document format: Plain PDF / HTML
  • Pricing: Total processing / linking service fee: 4.90 EUR / 5.61 USD


(1) OutsellR Report 2015: Open Access 2015: Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trends: “[…] We estimate open access at about 1.1% of the total 2014 STM market and 4.3% of the STM journals market, […] For the purposes of this report, Outsell defines open access as the publication of peer-reviewed research articles as digital, online, free of charge, and free of most traditional copyright and licensing restrictions. […]”



As soon as the Open Access Check finds that the requested article is available via Open Access (OA) resources, the corresponding delivery option is displayed on the Order Details screen as a separate line within the table of alternative delivery formats:

  • Delivery format: LINK-TO-WEB
  • Supplier: OPEN ACCESS

To request this way of supply, simply select the radio button next to “LINK-TO-WEB” and click “Submit Order”.

FIZ AutoDoc will then immediately send you an e-mail which includes the link to the publication available on the OA resource (article-level linking). On this third-party website, you often have the choice between different document formats, e.g. PDF or HTML.

Please note:

  • The supply option via OA resources is exclusively available within the table display of alternative delivery formats (This feature was introduced in Nov. 2015, see our News). To benefit from this new linking option to OA resources, it is therefore mandatory that you have activated the checkbox “View all formats” on the “Classic Order” form. We recommend you to permanently switch on this preference by calling-up “User Settings > Order Details” and setting “View all formats:” to “Y”.
  • The OA Check is not carried out for any orders placed via the “Easy Article Order” form.
  • The OA Check will only work properly if the exact bibliographic information is entered (DOI recommended). Otherwise, the verification mechanism fails and any OA resource, even if available, will not be offered.
  • The OA Check is based on an OA journal list established and continuously updated by FIZ Karlsruhe. The data contained in this list are taken from the OA archive DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), from EZB Regensburg (Electronic Journals Library), and from individual OA ejournals from scientific publishing houses. The OA landscape is constantly growing and liable to change. Although this journal collection is prepared to the best of our knowledge and with reasonable effort and skill, FIZ Karlsruhe assumes no liability for its correctness, topicality or completeness. Hybrid journals, which offer single OA eArticles next to usually billable eArticles within the same issue or volume, are not included in this journal list.
  • Important notice when accessing the document on the Open Access resource: The linked third-party website does not belong to FIZ Karlsruhe´s web services and therefore is beyond our control. FIZ Karlsruhe does not have any influence on the topicality, accuracy, or completeness of the linked Open Access document available on the third-party website, nor on their fitness for a specific purpose.
    Any specific terms of use of the website or of the Open Access content have to be strictly adhered to.


Pricing information:

The service fee for processing your order and linking to OA sources is 4.90 EUR / 5.61 USD* per article in total (VAT not included). There are no additional costs, e.g. no copyright fees.

This makes FIZ AutoDoc´s document procurement option via third-party OA resources not only convenient and time-saving, but also cost-efficient!

The new price list will become effective on the date of release.

* FIZ AutoDoc USD prices June 2016


See how it works:

1. Enter your document order on the “Classic Order” form, activate the checkbox “View all formats” and click “Proceed”.

2. In case the OA Check yields a result, the table of alternative delivery options includes a new line “Format: LINK-TO-WEB / Supplier: OPEN ACCESS”. Select this delivery option via the radio button and click “Submit Order”.

3. You will immediately receive an e-mail from FIZ AutoDoc which includes the link to the OA publication available on the third-party website. Click the link to access the publication.

4. On the OA resource, you often have the choice between different display formats, e.g., PDF or HTML. Any specific terms of use of the website or of the OA content have to be strictly adhered to.

5. Finally, the OA full text document is directly available on your desktop.

The integration of Open Access resources on article level was rated as a “(very) important” feature in our latest FIZ AutoDoc questionnaire (Dec 2014). We hope that you will find this feature an improvement and will introduce further features with high customer ratings with the next FIZ AutoDoc releases.

Information for corporate end users:
The OA Check is only available as default for standard FIZ AutoDoc customers. As a corporate end user, you may need to contact your FIZ AutoDoc administrator to activate this feature.