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New User Preference: Display of Alternative Delivery Formats incl. pricing information

24. November 2015

A new checkbox “View all formats” will be available below the delivery format dropdown menu on the “Classic Order” form for document type “Article (Journal)”.

Once activated, the order details screen will automatically display a table of all alternative delivery formats for the requested delivery speed. Line by line, this table shows all available format options, including estimated fees (i.e. Total, Service Fee, Copyright Fee) and the best suitable FIZ AutoDoc supplier. The sequence of possible lines is (depending on availability): PDF – PDF/DRM – PDF/DRM FileOpen – FAX – PRINT. Thus, the table does not list the Totals in descending/ascending order. As usual, FIZ AutoDoc shows all copyright-related costs as “Copyright Fees”.

A new checkbox “View all formats” is available on the “Classic Order” form for document type “Article (Journal)”  

Once activated, the “Order Details” screen automatically displays a table of all alternative delivery formats including pricing and supplier information

Please note:

  • “View all formats” can be activated permanently. To switch on this preference, call up “User Settings > Order Details” and set “View all formats:” to “Y”.
  • This preference is exclusively valid for the “Classic Order” form for document type “Article (Journal)”. It is not available for orders placed via the “Easy Article Order” form (here: default processing option “PDF / standard”).
  • There are no special costs involved when using this preference.
  • FIZ AutoDoc’s PPV download option is not affected by this new preference, i.e. any direct e-articles downloads from partnering publishers are still offered as first delivery option (before the table of alternative delivery format options would be displayed).

The preference “View all formats” can be activated/deactivated via the User Settings menu (submenu “Order Details).

Special information for corporate end users:

  • The preference “View all formats” is only available as default for standard FIZ AutoDoc customers. As a corporate end user you may need to contact your FIZ AutoDoc administrator to activate this feature.