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ECLA Codes and Current US National Classifications added to Derwent WPI

22. Februar 2008

European Patent Classifications (ECLA) including 'In Computer Only' (ICO) codes and Current US National Patent Classifications will be added to the DWPI database (files WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX) from update 13 onwards. The corresponding backlog data have been added to the file on February 21, 2008. In the course of the backlog load about 8 million DWPI documents have been equipped with ECLA or US National Classification data. US National Classifications for 3.7 million patents and European Classifications for about 25 million patent publications have been added.

The ECLA and ICO codes have a specific format which is being treated like in other databases at STN (new fields EPC and ICO). While the main portion is a code resembling the IPCs apart from  ICOs using initial letters outside the usual range employed by  the IPCs, there can be shortcuts and suffixes requiring special attention. The codes themselves are then treated analogous to IPCs.

These codes will be introduced in DWPI along with the ECLA codes according to the same schedule. The implementation will follow the pattern already in existence at STN in other databases, closely resembling the pattern for the issued national classifications already present in the DWPI database (new field NCL).

Current Awareness Searches (SDI) will not be significantly affected by the backlog load procedure since Update Dates for these documents will not be written and therefore SDIs will not be triggered by these  documents. Yet ECLA and US National Classification can appear in predefined displays comprising these.