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Major New STN® Release Delivers Essential Biomedical and Patent Content

11. Februar 2015

The release of new STN on February 8 launched  with the largest expansion of content to date. Eight additional databases deliver significant and highly anticipated content, extending the benefits of the new STN platform to additional search types and a more diverse group of users. Highlights include:

Premier biomedical databases BIOSIS®, Embase™ and MEDLINE® add essential scientific information and broaden the scope of search activities to new areas of interest
Complementary life science databases CABA and FSTA address the information needs of searchers in the fields of agriculture and food science
Full-text databases CANPATFULL (Canada), FRFULL (France) and DEFULL (Germany) expand the new STN patent portfolio to offer users global full-text coverage beyond what is available on classic STN

Additional content and feature enhancements include:

Hit structure and hit CAS Registry Number® highlighting in CAplusSM records provides efficient review of cross-file search results with CAS REGISTRYSM
Seven thesauri accompany the release of biomedical and life science databases and include support for popular Term Explorer capabilities
INPADOC delivers extended patent family information that empowers new views and insight into patent families
Context-sensitive Help provides users with convenient, point-of-need links to pertinent information

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