Ausbildung bei FIZ Karlsruhe

PCI has been loaded as a replacement for DPCI on February 17, 2008

19. Februar 2008

Patents Citation Index(tm) (PCI) is a unique database of examiner  citations, both patent and literature from 1973 to date. Coverage has  been enhanced over time and currently covers 10 major patenting  authorities, i.e. Belgium, European Patent Office, France, Germany,  Japan, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom United States, World/PCT. Prior to May 1997, examiner and author citations were provided for 16  patent-issuing authorities.

PCI provides access to 98 million patent and 11 million literature citations found in more than 8 million patent families.

PCI contains bibliographic patent family data from the Derwent  World Patents Index and all patents and literature cited by  examiners, as well as references to citing patents. Coverage includes all patent-relevant areas of science and  technology.

DPCI, which is replaced by PCI will continue to be available for  another four weeks as a static file. During this period existing  procedures can be adjusted to the new, enhanced file environment.

The new features:

  • extended coverage
  • stopwords are no longer used
  • additional priority application numbers
  • additional Thomson Scientific standard application numbers (/APTS and /PRTS)
  • more focused data content