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New on STN

July 2014

Latest release of new STN now available, expands global patent coverage and enhances search capabilities

July 2014

Retrieved BATCH results in DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN are now available for 30 days

July 2014

CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

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ICIC 2014, Heidelberg, 12.-14. Oct

EPOPIC - EPO Patent Information Conference, Warsaw, 04.-06. Nov

5. IP Service World, Munich, 24.-25. Nov

STN User Meetings

Espoo, 21.08.2014
Bern, 21.10.2014
Essen, 28.10.2014

STN – the choice of patent experts

STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data. 

With STN, find precisely the patent and sci-tech information needed to make business-critical decisions:

  • Assess risk for future research endeavors
  • Defend corporate/organizational intellectual property
  • Track competitive intelligence for existing products and those under development
  • Access patent expiration and extension information
  • Support strategic business planning

STN is operated jointly by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe worldwide and is represented in Japan by JAICI.

New STN Platform

The new STN platform is being designed and developed to turn the needs and priorities of today's patent experts into a state-of-the-art search and analysis system that works the way users do. Version Two of the new STN platform went live on December 15th , being a significant step in the development of the next generation of STN.
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STN is revolutionizing patent searching for professionals. Catch a glimpse of exciting advancements on the horizon...

Featured Highlights

30 Years of STN® - Research & Patent Information at its Best!

30 Years of STN® - Research & Patent Information at its Best!

Started with just four databases 30 years ago, STN has turned into a global provider of high-quality, value-add research and patent information that makes it “The Choice of Patent Experts”.

Many aspects of patent systems, search technology and content have evolved significantly over the last three decades. The core objective of information professionals to efficiently and comprehensively find and analyze relevant documents for patent projects is still fundamentally the same – and the commitment of STN to meet those objectives by providing the best available content collection and powerful search and analysis functionality along with excellent customer support is as strong today as when STN was launched in 1984. 

In 2013, Version One of a new STN platform, designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of patent experts, was introduced and marked another milestone in STN’s history. In the meantime, Version Two with additional databases and features has been launched, and the new, modernized STN is prepared to face the challenges of the next decades in the information industry.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, intellectual property professionals and patent examiners at the world’s major patent offices and research organizations trust STN to provide access to the most current and comprehensive collection of the world’s disclosed patent and non-patent, scientific and technical content on one platform.

New STN Global Value Pricing Empowers You to Maximize the Value of STN

STN Global Value Pricing delivers truly unlimited STN access at a fixed price, with predictable renewal costs. Built upon the successful STN Fixed Fee pricing program, Global Value Pricing incorporates customer feedback and recent market trends to empower users to maximize the value STN creates for their entire organization.
Key aspects of Global Value Pricing include:

  • unlimited usage of all STN content and features under a single fixed-price agreement
  • access through all STN interfaces, including new STN
  • unlimited number of users and sites globally
  • multi-year agreements with fixed annual increases renewal pricing based on standard annual price increase

STN Global Value pricing allows organizations of all sizes to improve budget predictability, simplify administration, and focus on finding answers rather than worrying about costs. Contact your local STN representative or your local STN Help Desk for more information.